isnt it funny how antis shipping aaron with alex and other minor characters is ‘’bad’’ and ‘’embarrassing’’ but certain members of the rbrn fandom still obsess over robert and connor ? yh same

ok but on the cheating thing. it was *always* going to happen, and are people not happier it happened now, before we saw them be happy for months and months, and have it be the Very End for them (which it would have been if we got happy and robert and aaron for like… two years and then had one of them have an affair, that’s usually a recipe for a long term breakup in soap)

because like. at least now it’s happened so early on, we know it’s not the end? we know this storyline has been attempting to break them apart and force them to confront the toxic aspects of their relationship (codependency, the jealousy, mistrust, the way robert hurts others and aaron hurts himself when they’re lashing out) instead of having it be a storyline like a year down the line where one of them cheats because they’re not in love anymore?

idk. i mostly don’t get it because the longer this storyline goes on, the more I’m enjoying it, and the more I’m enjoying the idea of them becoming better and happier people before they get back together.

I cannot B E L I E V E my boy Aaron finally gets a chance to be happy with a fine ass mans who would treat him damn fucking right and the writers decide to fuck me Over. What the fuck. This would’ve been the lovestory ,,,,, of the century,,,,,,, my boy Dr Alex was pulling all the “you stood out” shit and bitch I swooned right there right then and I’m a fucking lesbian they coulda had it so good I’ve been watching this boy be sad since 2000 and fucking three and he gets a mans pulling out all the stops and turns him down because the writers have some shit with roberto whose pulling some weird shit with Lawrence I don’t fucking know what’s going on there I am So Upset DO NOT talk to me right now oh my god

not being funny but if ed are tryna show us all the reasons we aren’t meant to root for rbrn and for them to get back together…. they’re doing an excellent job. *inserts video of jai slow clapping and saying ka-ching*

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Ryan seems like a nice guy but it's bullshit he won. That should have gone to John, he is a better actor and had a better storyline. Danny and John are much better actors. The whole he's a subtle actor is bullshit the guy can't do emotion. This is serious overkill by the ROBron and Robert fandom.

lmaosjdjskfn yeah ryan seems like an okay lad but uh. he genuinely looks like he needs to take a shit through 99% of his emotional scenes so i??? idk w h y?????? he?????

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yes, let rbrn fcking die lmao if the tradeoff is aaron deciding for himself and finding himself rather than killing himself to keep up a charade that he's fine with robert and how he treats him or out of some sense of misleading love that's turned toxic and destructive, then yes kill rbrn. aaron doesn't exist to cater to rbrn and robert.

Oh my god this is the best ask, mood as hell

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How would you like Aaron and Robert’s ex sex go? What's your dream scenario?

right. so like, sex with your ex has to be deeply, deeply regretful. you’re going 2 have ur mind blowing orgasm (because like. sex is missing from ur life during this time of heartbreak) and then you’re going to have to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask why you just did that, you broke up for a reason. that’s the dream™ for rbrn ex sex, anon, thats the dream.

the ideal scenario? they’re in the scrapyard. aaron is mad at robert because he’s got that type of face, doesn’t he? so aaron is mad af and so is robert and they’re both very sexually frustrated because lets just be honest with ourselves, they have a disturbing amount of sex, and one minute aaron is yelling at robert and the next robert j sugden is definitely on his knees giving his mardy ex husband a blowjob. it’s great sex, and they have a 10/10 would bang again time until they have that beautiful, regret filled, “oh fuck what have we done” moment. 

ur welcome

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the thing with robert's characterization now is that there's no intrigue, there's no consequence to his actions. the producers already spoiled that rbrn will get back together next year so it doesn't matter if robert kills someone, he'll get away with it because it's preordained. any spoilers that go like "will robert get caught?" I'm like lmao no shit he won't get caught. the blood switch, the drugging, even liv situation will 100% resolves itself in a way that robert will get away with it /1

and that’s so boring. like watching robert now is akin to watching a guy smoke 5 packs a cigarettes a day for 10 years and then finding out that he’s perfectly fine, and not only is he perfectly fine, but his lungs have better air capacity than michael phelps. oh, he had a “breakdown”? then why the aftermath it’s not addressed and he’s back to planning a new scheme? why does robert do anything anymore when he’ll never pay for any of his crimes? /2

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Listen…I love this ask. Tbh I really wish they hadn’t spoiled rbron getting back together and there being a second wedding cause honestly it would’ve made it more interesting. Not for the shippers, obviously. But come on keep me in suspense here. 

I guess losing Aaron/getting Rebecca pregnant could be classed as ~consequences but not when we know once again everything will turn out alright in the end. I guess that’s another reason I want the baby to be his. u can’t constantly fuck up like that and just…get away w it.