rboz drawing


Meme Levy! I lovee Levy soo much!~~ <3

 I was trying to steal the style of four talented person
Blanania Rboz LeonS Karokitten-chan and my style which in itself is a copy of the Mashima style xD

Sorry girls for the destruction your beautiful Styles…forgive me…

Now I will steal your style Buahahaha!! >D

Day 2, people!! I was behind already…

Today’s words were “Jewel, Water, Contrast”

I’d like to dedicate this one to @rboz, because her drawings got me neck-deep into Gajevy. Not to mention that her illustration for Dark Waters are absolutely stunning, so when I saw the prompt fot today the first thing I thought was “I should draw Levy as a mermaid even though this is totally screaming ‘Steven Universe’”. And here you have it.

Kind of a problematic palette, but I still hope you like it!

Which way should we go Levy ??

Happy Birthday Rboz !! I made a little gift for you! And I hope you’ll like it! At the beginning it was to be Gajevy after timeskip… 

This is my first Gajevy!!! which I finished xD…  YAY! 

What can I say…? I don’t like to write… 

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RBOZ !!! You are amazing! >w<