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So, Werewolf has been covered, as has Vampire... What about Mage and Changeling?

Never had a storyteller who was willing to actually run Mage, though I love reading the books. I only got to play Changeling once, as I recall, and though he was, in some ways, about as far away from my Fianna roots as possible, I found my Sluagh entertaining as hell to play.

rblemoyne asked:

Name: Robert Age: Recently turned 32 Meaning behind tumblr url: My first initial, my middle initial, and my last name. I know, so dull! Where you live: Los Angeles, CA Single/Taken: Taken by a gorgeous geek girl. Hobbies/Interests: Writing, roleplaying games, writing, comic books, and writing. Why you follow me: You post awesome stuff on Tumblr! Random fact about yourself: I once walked the floor of SDCC with Joss Whedon. Question for me: Jedi or Sith?

Re, your random fact: Nice!

Generally… Sith. Sorry, Jedi order. I’m way too impulsive and impatient for Jedi training, and I just won’t buy into that there is no emotion, there is no passion malarkey. I’m going to go with the side that doesn’t mind that I like making out with pretty ladies. Plus, evil just looks cooler.