Character Profile

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Full Name:



Ro  (Rokku Basuta)

Gender and Sexuality:

Male, Straight




Sea Wolf Roegadyn

Birthplace and Birthdate:

[REDACTED] 3rd sun of the 6th astral moon

Guilty Pleasures:

Frozen Spirits, Hot springs and soaking in long baths, hair touching from intimate partners


No major fears or phobias, although the sensation of drowning might come close.

What They Would Be Famous For:

Nowadays, not much, as he tends to stay out of the public eye for the most part. If there’s be anything he’d be famous or infamous for it’d be being a hulking armor-clad wrecking ball on the frontlines. If you were to ask that question some number of years back though, well, you might get a different answer.

What Have They/Would They Have Gotten Arrested For:

Piracy, murder, barfights. 

OC(s) You Ship Them With:

Nalukai Manoa ( @nalukaixiv ) - They might seem like an unusual pair, but it’s a deep and lasting bond with a lot of history between them. A mess of fate and a falling moon put some time between them, but he remains utterly devoted to her.

OC Most Likely to Murder Them:

Pretty much anyone that would want to is most likely dead and gone, and if they weren’t they’d likely have to have some sort of connection to his past. You never know though!

Favorite Book Genre:

He (at present) can’t read enough to actually have a favorite book genre, though as a boy he enjoyed stories about adventurers traveling around the world.

Least Favorite Book Cliche:

People waiting around to be rescued, damsels in distress

Talents and/or Powers:

Extremely strong, very robust martial prowess and fast reflexes. A master of axes and chains with a proficiency in most close to mid range combat, but falters somewhat at range.

Totally inept with magic, but has knowledge of field medicine and competency with explosives.

Why Someone Might Love Them:

Despite being slow to lower his guard around people, anyone that takes the time to get past the wall he puts up around himself is like to find that he’s a charismatic bear of a man with a decent enough moral compass. He very rarely, if ever, loses his sense of optimism, and the moments where he hesitates to charge headlong towards a goal (for better or worse) are few and far between. Though hardheaded and prone to violence, he’s loyal as all hell once someone’s proven themselves to be a friend.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:

For whatever positive traits he has, he’s on the stubborn side and has a tendency to come off as standoffish sometimes. Placing oneself on the opposite side of a proverbial line with him tends to be a relatively quick way to draw out some of the characteristics that might cause someone to dislike him, though he does tend to be relatively slow to anger.

How They Change:

He’s very much a “roll with the punches” sort of guy, and tends to be quick to adapt and adjust to change, sorting through things and figuring out how they socket into place with him in relatively short order. Big changes can take a little more time to process, but generally speaking he’s very calm and level headed in approaching change, as with most things, and tends to find his way back to his center without too much trouble.

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