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at 6 PM PST today I’m going to stream RBG, starting from RBG Dreams Minecraft and ending at the most recent updates of The Flood and Starship Genius

if you’ve never seen Ratboy Genius, you shouldn’t miss out. it’s really a treasure. since this is a pop-up stream with little time to prepare, don’t feel pressured to come, but if you can make it I would appreciate it

RBG Dreams Minecraft is kind of in the middle of the series, but it’s a good entry point since it’s sort of the beginning of the “modern” RBG era. for those that haven’t seen the earlier material, some older characters show up during Starship Genius, so I’ll explain some things if required

White House: Ginsburg isn't called 'The Notorious RBG for nothing'
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is unsurprised by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's decision to wade into the murky waters of election year politics.

“White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is unsurprised by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s decision to wade into the murky waters of election year politics.

The 83-year-old associate justice made waves last week when she attacked presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and said she didn’t want to think about the possibility of him being elected. Asked during Wednesday’s press briefing if the White House thought it appropriate for Ginsburg to be making such comments, Earnest said, ‘she didn’t earn the nickname ‘The Notorious RBG’ for nothing.’ … 

‘I would not call her competence into question. I think anybody who’s observed her, she’s done her work,’ Earnest said. ‘Whether you agree with her or not, and whether you agree with every ruling she has issued, I think over the course of her career, she’s demonstrated a keen intellect and understanding of the law and a commitment to understanding that it’s applied fairly to every American citizen.’”


Notorious RBG is in the building. 

Trump wants an apology from Ruth Bader Ginsburg after blistering attack
Donald Trump called for an apology from Ruth Bader Ginsburg after the Supreme Court justice unleashed on him.

“He is a faker,” Ruth told Joan Biskupic, who is a CNN Legal Analyst and Supreme Court biographer. “He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego. … How has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns? The press seems to be very gentle with him on that.”

The Times, Post, and every other media group that forced RBG into apologizing for criticizing a fascist should apologize to the rest of us for their endorsement of fascism via ‘neutrality’.


We’re all sad Bernie isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee.  Hillary definitely isn’t the best.

But who is the best?  Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

My beautiful, radiant, sassy RBG is now 83-years old.  She’s still killing it.  But, chances are (and she’s hinted at it,) that she’ll be stepping down under the next president.  OVER MY DEAD BODY will a women-hating, anti-LGBTQ, gun-loving, conservative justice take the place of this magnificent human being.

Do you know what happens when you write in Bernie’s name on November 8th?  Or you check that box next to Gary Johnson’s name instead of Hillary’s?  You split the Democratic party.  The Republican party isn’t splitting, they’re all voting for the nominee because that’s what they do.  But if the Democrats split, the Republicans win.  And that means Scalia’s seat gets filled by a conservative.  That’s bad enough.

But, god forbid, if we have a Trump presidency and something happens to RBG, and that glorious heroine is replaced by someone who spits on everything she spent her life fighting for, I am going to lose my shit.  And if I find out that any of you had anything to do with it, I will end you.

Good talk.

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