So Totally Busted (One-shot)

Smutty, smutty smuttness. Turns out a have some anon fans (and baileychabot) who want me to write dirty stuff.  It had been awhile, so I went with it.

Gail wanted Holly. She longed to feel every soft, warm, wet part of her. She wanted to trace Holly’s sharp edges and soft curves with her lips, teeth, and tongue, laying claim to every inch of exposed skin and then return to brush Holly’s lips and breathe her breath.

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fic: I'm Dying to Catch My Breath [1/3]

Rating: PG-13 (this chapter) / M (overall)
Word Count: ~6,000 (this chapter)
Characters: Steve/Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, and The Avengers
Prompts: a lot
Summary: She remembers sitting with him like this a year ago, in another guest bedroom, and no, she doesn’t believe in fate. But she doesn’t believe in coincidences, either.

A/N: I’m apologizing in advance for how long it’ll take me to get Parts 2 and 3 out to you considering how long it took me to put this first part together.

There are about fourteen different prompts that helped me put this together, so thank you to all of those who’ve submitted them over the past couple of years! (Yes, years.) Unfortunately, I can no longer link to those prompts and credit those who submitted them because my original blog got deleted. I was able to save the original wording of the prompts, though, so once all three parts are up, I’ll post the original prompts and hopefully those of you that submitted them may recognize them and let me know, so I can give you guys the proper dedications!


“I thought you were going to die,” he says, so softly that, even with how close they’re sitting, she almost doesn’t catch it.

“I did, too,” she replies, voice coming out hallow.

“No, not – not then.” He hesitates, and she knows they’re both picturing that moment, standing on the edge of the city. She hadn’t been joking then. The view was beautiful. “I meant when you’d been taken. We couldn’t find you at first, and I thought – I thought…”

He shakes his head ever so slightly. He either can’t say the words again, or he won’t. (Maybe there isn’t a difference.)

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Andy was in bed, on her back, while Sam rested above her. Her legs were hanging loosely around his hips and his lips were moving softly across her collarbone. “What about a new place?” Andy asked and Sam laughed against her neck. “What?” She asked defensively.

“I suggested a new place four days ago, McNally,” he reminded her. “Right after we decided we were moving in together, I said ‘we should get a new place,’ and you ignored it.”

“Hey,” she said, flipping them over so that she could look down at him. “I didn’t ignore it. I just didn’t hear it because I was too excited about us living together. But, you were right, we should get a new place.”

“Okay,” he smirked and she leaned over him, her hair falling around their faces. 

“Okay?” She asked quietly and he nodded before he leaned his head forward to capture her lips with his own. “You know whose place I really liked?” Andy asked after Sam’s head fell back against her mattress again.

“No,” he said. He put his hands on her hips and slid her off of him so he could do some more work on her neck. “Whose?”


At that Sam sat up and looked down at her. “You want us to buy my undercover apartment?" 

No,“ Andy said, sitting up next to him. She ran her hand over the length of his shoulders and up to the back of his head until she could scratch lightly in his hair. "I absolutely don’t want that. I’m not crazy. Or that insensitive. I just meant that I liked it because of it’s open floorplan. I’ve always wanted a studio loft.”

“It had no walls, McNally,” he reminded her, mindlessly scratching his chest. “We need walls.”

“It’s not like we’ve never seen each other naked, Sam,” she told him and he laughed at the tone in her voice. 

“We need enough space for more than one bed,” he explained, still looking blankly out in front of him, and her brow furrowed. 

“Somebody else going to be living with us that I don’t know about?” She asked and he finally focused his eyes and looked at her.

“One day, yeah.”

Sam could see exactly when Andy figured out what he meant by that. Her whole face softened and one side of her mouth curved into a smile. “Okay, you’re right, we need walls and room for more than one bed.”

“Yes,” he agreed and she leaned over to kiss his temple. 

Sam nuzzled his lips against her neck again and she laughed as she pulled them back to lie on the bed again. “I didn’t know you thought about that kind of stuff,” she said, running her hand down the back of his head.

“Of course I do,” he scoffed and then moved to kiss a line along her jaw. “You don’t?”

“I do,” she insisted right before his lips landed on hers again and she smiled against them. “In my mind, they have your dimples and my athletic abilities.”

“They’d be unstoppable,” he said, settling onto his back so she could rest against his chest. “But they have to have your eyes.”

“No, yours,” Andy insisted. “Your eyes are much nicer than mine.”

“No. Your eyes, my dimples, your athletic abilities, and my….”

“Your hands, well, what you can do with them,” Andy finished after he trailed off. “If our kids can fix their own cars and hammer a nail into a wall, on top of everything else we’ve mentioned, they really would be unstoppable.”

“You know we can’t design our future children, right, McNally?” He laughed and she could feel it through his entire body. “We have to love them no matter what.”

“I know that, Sam,” she smiled, kissing him quickly just because she could. “And we will. We always will because they’ll be ours.”