So Totally Busted (One-shot)

Smutty, smutty smuttness. Turns out a have some anon fans (and baileychabot) who want me to write dirty stuff.  It had been awhile, so I went with it.

Gail wanted Holly. She longed to feel every soft, warm, wet part of her. She wanted to trace Holly’s sharp edges and soft curves with her lips, teeth, and tongue, laying claim to every inch of exposed skin and then return to brush Holly’s lips and breathe her breath.

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More on that ro+switz thing: if you’ve followed me long enough you’ve seen the tag “rbffs.” That’s for them. They were originally just called the bffs and they had the greatest best friendship ever (this all started with a high school au rp ring). Then we accidentally started shipping them romantically. I just kinda threw the R in front for romantic bffs. Lame but simple. They were best friends who stuck together after high school and ended up falling in romantic love and they end up getting married. Yay

roswiss marching band au in which vash is the snare captain (but not drumline captain because he’s not “"personable enough”“ according to the directors); and andrei is the trombone section leader and all the younger trombone players like idolize him and it’s horrifying.

and in the field show, the trombones are really close to the drumline a lot and the trombones keep getting the drumline in trouble.

and vash fucking hates andrei

but then later in the year, there’s like a craft bazaar thing that’s a fundraiser for the band, and vash and andrei get stuck together. but andrei has to babysit his lil bro alexandru who’s a good 10 years younger. and vash kinda has this change of heart because holy shit it’s unbearably sweet the way those two act together