So 🗑 is openly anti black, biphobic, ableist, fetishizes East Asian men, colorist, doesn’t think light skin privilege is a thing, and thinks black men shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand. But apparently that’s all okay and excusable bc 🗑 gets 😢 sometimes so no one should check her. Even tho she’s had friends who have tried to explain to her why she shouldn’t say the things she says and she just brushed them off and writes it off as “drama” and “ppl trying to speak for her” as if she’s that important lmao. And 🗑 thinks it’s okay to call ppl out they name when they say something she don’t agree with or…god forbid they say something mean about a kpop group 😱 bc that’s totally grounds to call someone a hood rat right? Funny how 🗑 can see something mercilessly dragging black men for nothing and be like 👀☕️ but when someone says “Hey this idol did something offensive” all of a sudden it’s “Ugh I miss the old tumblr before everything was about tea and dragging” what’s the truth sis 👀🤔🎙do u like “tea” or not? Oh wait you only like it when black men are always seen as trash and awful and horrible ppl to justify your fetishizing of East Asian men bc of course “******* **** wouldn’t treat me like this!!!!” Fam he don’t know u he ain’t gon treat u like nothing sorry. But anyways I don’t see how some of the smart, aware, educated ppl I used to follow can still be friends with her knowing she has no intentions of changing. Like I’m sorry but if u fuck with somebody whose gon invalidate the feelings of black ppl by writing everything that offends us off as “drama” and “SJ bullshit” and she herself is a black women not caring about what’s out here hurting her own people then that’s way more that what I need to know about you. Like sorry sis but Light Skint™ is still black no matter how much you hate to admit it your ass is just as black as mine. Deal with it.