Let’s talk about the Raijinshuu

Thunder God Tribe, Thunder Legion, Gods of Thunder, whatever you prefer to call them - all of these are correct. If you have scrolled at least a little through my blog(s) then you’ve probably noticed how passionate I am about these three. Passionate and salty. Disappointed. Sad.

Because of the treatment they got after the Fighting Festival ARC (which is one of my fave ARCs for sure and for different reasons).

So this right here is long overdue. A long rant about these unique characters that deserve way more than they are getting from both, canon and fandom. I beg you that please if you care a bit about them, read this and reblog it and/or leave your own thoughts on the matters! This is gonna be long but I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to read, really! So I’m going to put it under a read more, not wanting to clutter the dash especially for those on mobile.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe that jack lew fucked up the currency change. the literal point was to get rid of jackson to replace it with a woman. like yeah you got half right but jackson is still there?? sharing the bill with a former slave, as a slaveowner?? thats so fucked up. i can't believe my main man jacob joseph "jack" lew would screw us over like this