Tumblr Crushes:

  • The first is Jessie. One of my closest friends. She is a great artist and has a huge heart. She frequents artist alley tables at anime conventions along the east coast and mid west selling prints of her work, and hand made plushies and pony hats.  We have frequent art nights that usually take place at Starbucks, Panera Bread, and someone’s house. We also love to go on adventures together as well as frequent the Providence chapter of Doctor Sketchy’s anti art school. 
  • Next is Annimate. Her art is really great, and she posts a lot of other fun things too!
  • Third is Karyn. I’ve known her online since the early 2000’s when we both were huge into pixel dolls/art and custom sprites. She posts a lot of great art and her art style is amazing!  She also likes Sailor Moon a lot, customizing dolls, and restoring ponies.
    If there is one thing that I regret online it’s that I haven’t had a change to get to know her better since we’ve known each other for so long.
  • In spot number 4 ther is Robert. I’ve been following him online for a few years. His art is cute and his comics are great! You should check him out.
  • I’ve just started following Milky Days not that long ago. His art is pretty awesome.
  • Now for Naki Likes. This is Katie’s like blog. She posts a lot of her cosplay pictures there, along with art references and tutorials and tons of other fun things!
  • Time for Engelmech. This is Gen. Gen and I go way back to the 6th grade. For a while we lost contact with each other and then we were brought back together by a mutual friend. Gen’s one of my closet friends.  She is a graphic designer, aspiring web designer and brilliant artist. She does great work when customizing dolls and doing BJD face ups. 
  • Then there is Dale. This is his like blog. He posts a lot of artwork he finds around tumblr that he likes and finds as an inspiration to him.  He has his regular blog too where he posts his drawings and digital work. I wish he’d post more!
  • And lastly is Drew. Drew is a talented artist who runs the great comic series “The Super Gay Adventures of Ross Boston”. You should totally check it out, it’s great. I’ve been following him for a while since before he started the comic and there is nothing bad I can say about him.  I think he may be an IRL crush, despite him being taken.