also omg do you ever see people like completely random strangers and you can just like sense something great about them? because i do all the time i see people being nice or kissing their kid or smiling at something and i just wanna sit down and talk to them about their life ya know? i have this dire urge to get to know everybody i see because there are so many beautiful people out there and i got inspired to say this because i took my nieces to therapy (childrens therapy, its mainly for disabled children so it’s like physical therapy, speech, and occupational therapy.) and there’s a dad with his daughter and she has the prettiest dark skin ever and she has the cutest hair it’s so long and pretty and the brightest smile and she keeps hugging her dad and you can see all of the love he has for her just in his eyes and smile and she looks so peaceful and pretty and it’s just the cutest thing i have ever seen. people are so beautiful i am so in awe at simple human beauty.

James Haspiel’s memories and collection of Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia are featured in a number of articles and two books. He has also served as a consultant on Marilyn documentaries.

His devotion to the icon is cast in stone, literally. One day in 1954, after meeting Marilyn outside a hotel, he carved the words “Marilyn Monroe was here” into wet cement on the Street (155 West 23th Street, NY).

I love the bright red contrast with the white. Beautiful color combination! 

Lightning in a Bottle, 2017