Oh my god Carol’s look of gratitude at being included, in this moment, and at being finally free to accept it - breaks my damned heart.

Watching it this time around I’m finding her early days kind of really difficult to watch. She was in SO MUCH emotional pain when she was with Ed. I’d almost forgotten how bad it was.

That moment when he starts harassing her in “Tell it to the Frogs” and the girls try to stick up for her and she tries to brush them off with this super defeated protest of “It doesn’t matter.” 😢


Can’t wait! #season2

Let’s discuss!

- is Nicole Haught an angel?

- is Waverly a half revenant? Who is her dad?

- why did Wynonna’s gun turn blue when she shot Willa?

- what has Wynonna done in the past that Lucado knows?

- what exactly is Juan Carlos?

- what happens to a revenant that gets shot with Peacemaker outside the Ghost River Triangle?

- what kind of creature is Dolls? (I vote for werecat on this one)

- WHO did Waverly shoot? (money on Doc here)


Alberto doing a backflip (via Instagram)


For reference here are the screen time numbers per regular character in season two.  For reference purposes Hook and Neal were included here despite the fact that they signed as regulars in the course of the season.

( caption changed for the sake of accuracy ).

Please remember that screen time doesn’t necessarily reflect the importance of those characters to the story.  Adam rightly points out that Darth Vader has very little screen time in the original Star Wars movie and Rumple only has a couple of minutes of screen time in the pilot.

Below the cut you will find episode by episode graphs.

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