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Nearly every video game reviewer reaches that point where their opinion stops being reliable because they’re expected to have an opinion about every game that comes along, and in the process have become so sick of repetition that they’ve begun to value novelty of concept over quality of execution.

Seriously don’t fall for EA removing microtransactions from Battlefront II. It’s a MAJOR victory, but that doesn’t mean this is over. They literally said that they were just going to bring them back eventually, so if we stop being mad now, they’ll just do the same thing after it’s blown over and half the people have forgotten about the whole thing.

It’s like if some guy was punching you, and you said “Stop punching me.”, so he puts on a boxing glove and keeps punching you. That 75% drop in Hero prices was better, didn’t really change anything in a meaningful way. So you tell him again, louder, and he says “Alright, I’ll take a break from punching you. Be back to punch you again in five minutes.”

That is not a real solution.

And don’t say “if you don’t buy the game, it doesn’t affect you at all, so just let everybody else buy it” because it does. It does still affect people that don’t buy the game. We can vote with our wallets right now, because we have options, but even then we barely even have options. Pretty much every major publisher has started inserting lootbox gambling and grindwalls into all their games(For Honor; Overwatch), and if we don’t put our foot down really hard right now, in the future there won’t be any other options because every other major publisher will have seen EA get away with this and do exactly the same thing. It’ll become the accepted norm.

And then, ten years from now–maybe even five–the next generation of video game fans will have grown up with these deliberately manufactured gambling addictions and won’t even question getting financially raped with every purchase.


Jacket - Hotline Miami

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gift shopping season is coming soon. here are some important things you should know when buying games (pt. 1)

FOR PARENTS BUYING GIFTS FOR YOUR CHILDREN: i want to begin this buy saying i dont have kids. and im not trying to tell parents what they should and should not buy for their kids. but i grew up watching the generation before me not have a clue what they were doing when it came to games. i was fortunate  enough to have parents who know to just buy me exactly what i asked for. really i just want more people to understand what they are buying before they buy it.

 this is far less a problem for most people on tumblr but if your buying games for your kids you should know exactly what your buying. every year there is an adult who buys their kid something they wont play or something the adult didn’t realize was rated M. it baffles my mind that its almost too much to ask for parents to at least follow the interests of their children. read an article, watch a lets play if the game is already out. its not hard just ask your kid.


NINTENDO NO LONGER MEANS EXCLUSIVELY KID FRIENDLY: i wanna make it clear that this isn’t a bad thing. its a good thing that Nintendo is expanding their library to include games that are geared toward adults. after all their fanbase is aging. but that does mean that you as an adult need to look at what your buying for your kid. overall Nintendo is still a great option if you want to buy a system or any games for your kids.

EA (  A RETCHED HIVE OF SCUM AND VILLAINY): again if your on tumblr you know this ( but im writing this for Facebook as well) but star wars battlefront 2 is currently under investigation in Europe for having way to much gambling in their game. i’m writing this on the day the game comes out and i know for some of you your kids just want a star wars game and dont care about micro-transactions or loot box based economy’s but just please be aware of this if you do plan on buying it.


ASK THE PERSON YOUR BUYING FOR WHAT THEY WANT!!!! OR AT THE VERY LEAST WHAT THEY LIKE!!!: the only time i was ever given a game as a complete surprise and i actually liked it was when i was given the elder scrolls: oblivion and that was because they knew the sort of things i liked.

(OK FOR REAL THIS TIME) SKYRIM!!: if you by some miracle dont already own it you need it you just dont know you need it yet. its rated M and it comes out on the Switch today. i would consider it the best jumping off point for anyone looking into playing RPG’s.

STARDEW VALLY: the best way to describe this game is to reference Harvest Moon. its alot harder to explain if you are unfamiliar with the genera. the game feels best on the switch although its out on every platform. 

( I SHOULD INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE SHOOTER) OVERWATCH: again this is one that alot of people own already. but i’m finding it really hard to recommend any of the ones that are coming out around now. its also one of the few i would recommend to a younger audience.

POKEMON: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out  today as well. its not the sort of game i should need to describe. but its a great option if you know the person has played a Pokemon game in the past.

i realize that a lot of the things i just said thorough this entire post were greatly simplified but i am trying to keep these posts like that so that anyone can understand them and not just those of us who play games.