rb: season 4

Again, stop demonizing Yousef

People seem to forget that he doesn’t know what we know. Let’s revert the situation, see how it works the other way around:

Imagine Season 4 was flipped: Sana likes Yousef, so she tries to initiate the conversation every time, and shows some interest in him, but he doesn’t. He smiles at her maybe twice and that’s it.

Sana sends him a friend request, which he accepts. Then she sends him a message but he ignores it for a whole week and never responds.

Eventually he becomes more responsive to her, and it seems to be going somewhere. She becomes more expressive about her feelings and messages him “alt for deg, boy” She then takes the blame for him so he doesn’t get in trouble. Let’s say Sana confesses something that Yousef doesn’t approve of, thinking nothing of it. Then:

Yousef never responds back.

Sana keeps sending messages.

Yousef ignores them.

Yousef unfriends her.

Yousef never messages her again.

Sana tries to see what’s wrong and they have a nice conversation, which she initiates. After that nice evening, when Sana finally thinks Yousef may be into her but…nothing. Radio silence, once again. Yousef continues to pretend Sana does not exist.

Elias tells Sana there’s a balloon squad party going on and she’s invited.

She goes to the party, but realizes it may be a set up for something else. Gets disappointed and heartbroken.

Adam, who has previously shown interest in Sana and is super cute, starts charming the hell out of her. Yousef on the other hand is chit chatting with his friends not paying much attention to her other than a couple of glances. Eventually things happen, and Sana decides to get over Yousef and hang out with Adam. Yousef sees them together flirting. Yousef gets upset, but never tells Sana why.

At this point, we all would’ve rooted for Sana to forget Yousef and get with Adam, FOR SURE.

Sana never hears from Yousef again and he never bothers to explain why. Sana tries again to get him to talk and open up. Yousef is pissed off and dismissive of her.


Exactly. So yeah… I still don’t judge until Sana decides to open up to Yousef or Noora and tell them what’s going on. If she ever does. But if she doesn’t, I don’t blame Yousef at all.

A few things I've taken from this video:

Yousef is a virgin (which…hmm interesting)
He’s meeting Noora or he’s with Noora, as in meeting at a place. That doesn’t necessarily mean dating.
Mutta or Adam saw them chatting (not kissing, not holding hands, not being inseparable…just chatting)
I trust the Skam English video translation more than others and Elias says “Are you serious, now?” In other translations, Elias says “are THEY serious, now?” That makes a BIG difference. If Elias really says “are you serious?”, then the vagueness continues.
They have “a thing”. That’s still vague and non explicit. You’re telling me Yousef is dating Noora for 2 weeks and Elias doesn’t have a clue? Didn’t even suspect it? It doesn’t seem like the meeting was a big deal or a secret, since the boys mentioned it so non-chalantly. So it’s not like the fact is being hidden from Elias.

Noora wants to tell Sana something “nice” that happened, but it doesn’t make sense for her not to say “Something nice happened with Yousef and I want to talk to you about it, maybe get some advice?” Or something of that sort.

Everything has been so vague, and so open for misinterpretation. I still reserve my judgment until all the cards have been laid out.

I don’t think that Julie would, once again, write a story about Noora stealing someone else’s love interest. At least I hope they’re not that blind in regards to know what the audience wants to see and what is right for the character.