Howdy folks. Just wanted to let you guys know I’m working on making some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. songs playable in Rock Band 3. Yeah.

Enjoy! B)


Through the Fire and Flames technical FC

If you think this is my gameplay you are silly.

UKOGmonkey is a beast (GG&HT FC under his belt)

Hopefully I have time to give this a run tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be thrilled if i pass the song within the first 20 minutes. Don’t hold your breath.


God damn.  This song is amazing and supremely powerful on it’s own, and the Rise Against took it and put this hard spin on it and made it even more amazing.  Guh.  In other news, I would give a limb for this song on Rock Band 3.

a summary
  • reviving bionicle 1: bionicle is over, but it's ok! Let's goof off! Haha!
  • reviving bionicle 2: bionicle is back, but we gotta catch this bad guy! Don't forget the silly jokes!! lol!!
  • reviving bionicle 3: oh

I’m waiting for the day rhythm games feature a Bloc Party song that isn’t Helicopter… >_>

Anywho, felt like doing another one of these, and oH HEY IT’S NOT A PONY SONG, YAY(??). i might just finish this at some random point in the future, who knows, idk. i can’t dedicate my time to these for now because wheeee college. :u