HECKING (wall of text but it’s important this time)

Two years ago today.

Why is this, like, a trend with small content creators? They make some cool content, it goes well for a while and then they say their life’s too difficult and quit making said content.

Although I’m not quitting anything, there’s still a discussion to be had here. There’s no way I’m done making bionicle stuff, I would never do that. But with Anonymous taking almost a year to complete, something clearly isn’t going well.

What’s going on:

Around October of last year I (mostly) finished the Anonymous script and began filming a little. I also had been working on some halo projects with friends, so I thought I’d just finish that stuff and then focus on bionicle again after a few months. I continued filming, but once 2017 hit a lot changed dramatically (SPECIFICALLY these past 2-3 months).

This happened for a few reasons:

  1. The halo content blew up and now I think the halo to bonkle fan ratio is 27-to-7
  2. My mental health went into a steady decline to the point where I had never been this low before in my entire life(it was very not good)
  3. IRL matters like school/money were being REALLY annoying

Around May I decided to finish the halo 3 video over Anonymous because of the massive demand and, surprisingly enough, money. Not to sound like I’m only in this for the profit, but as someone who is still unemployed and might not be employed in the foreseeable future due to many reasons, this is a godsend. Last week we got a massive amount of donations and if this keeps up I’m going to be able to go to college next semester without taking out loans. So right now, I need to be doing halo content. I want to keep going to school, I want to be able to afford gas and other stuff.

Another small thing I’m worried about is what people are going to say when I upload a bionicle video. I’ve already gotten some shitty comments from new subs going “what is this shit” “lmao the fuck am i watching” “this is literally arby n the chief” and the like. I can (mostly) ignore that, but it still makes it difficult to at least keep working on Anonymous, since Anonymous isn’t going to be the most impressive thing ever. RB4 might be impressive, but people might shit on Anonymous. That worries me since it’s very personal.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can get my shit together and finish Anonymous. Maybe not super soon, but at some point. However, it’s no longer my highest priority, which actually makes me kind of sad. Making bonkle stuff is fun.

RB4 is going to be very difficult. I don’t know how I’m going to accomplish this in my current state. I need a new camera, a lot of props, and equipment. I’m literally going to be calling it a film because a very dumb amount of effort is going into it. But I don’t know how it’s possible right now, and that honestly scares me.

BEFORE I CLOSE I want to say one thing I realized the other day: RB3 had everything going for it. I had money, time, scripts, motivation and an entire summer. RB4 has almost none of that right now. That sucks, and it makes me sad.

I dunno what I’m supposed to do. I have some asks and submissions backed up so I’ll answer those, and then just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

later dudes


Through the Fire and Flames technical FC

If you think this is my gameplay you are silly.

UKOGmonkey is a beast (GG&HT FC under his belt)

Hopefully I have time to give this a run tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll be thrilled if i pass the song within the first 20 minutes. Don’t hold your breath.