Tommykaira R brochure. This is for the R32 Skyline GTR version which had 350PS. The blue car is the cheaper L-spec version with only 300PS. What is interesting is that Tommykaira also sold the M30 in R32 spec which had a RB30DE with 280PS. Have done posts on both the R31 and R32 Tommykaira M30 skylines if you want more info but briefly they used an Australian spec RB30 block with an RB20DE head(R31 with 240PS) or an RB26DE head(R32 with 280PS). The question is did they ever make a car with an RB30DETT? I am sure they did but it was never sold or produced. Am still trying to get a brochure for either of the M30 cars so if anyone has one for sale or knows of one i be interested.