rb racing

theres like. no posts for mixed race people so uh

• just because you may be white passing doesnt invalidate your ethnicity.

• just because you arent in touch with your ethnicity as much as you want to be for whatever reason, thats okay. youre still a valid mixed person.

• you are not white. be proud of your mixed race! its so cool!! whatever mixed race you are, i love u. have a good day pal

Instead of coded autistic aliens and the entire race being shown as allistic how about aliens that are autistic and a person being captured by them thats autistic as well. They spend the days looking at allistic humans and being confused by body language and what they say. The aliens teach the human alien stims and the human teaches them human stims. The aliens understanding sensory issues because they have them as well and making the human a better, non overwhelming place to stay.