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now that im talking about it, stop underestimating female characters? like. you guys say ‘no no i dont do that!!’ but you actually do, coming from someone who writes a female muse that is very powerful. now im not pointing fingers, this is a generalization. my character shouldnt have to fight for the respect and the fear she canonically has, it’s not fair to me and it’s really annoying constantly re-establishing this fact…. i’ve had this character for so long and male characters who are weaker than her give her shit, listen, it bothers me A Lot. stop saying you have respect for powerful female characters and actually give them that respect.


jughead gets into a weiner eating contest with a nice lad named tetsuo

it turns out they can eat exactly the same amount of wieners in a comparable amount of time, how nice!

the whole concept of ‘being less beautiful’ is … such a charged topic, because… what makes one less beautiful? not catering to the social expectations of beauty? what made taako beautiful in the first place?

that’s why i’m taking it in another direction, which might or might not be the intended one, but that i feel more comfortable with: it’s not about a loss of beauty others can see, but about a loss of taako’s confidence. it’s about him being insecure. he isn’t any less beautiful for it, or for a tangible physical change – he’s less beautiful in his own eyes.

he’s still the same as he was to others, but to himself, he has lost the one thing he felt secure about.

cora-san just wants some love tonight
but law just wanna read his book…

i’m a lesbian and i’m unapologetic about it. i’m proud of it. and even if the world tries to tell me that i’ll never get my happy ending, that all people like me can do is die and suffer, i’ll still be proud of it, because being a lesbian is good and pure. there’s a happy ending for us. i believe that, no matter how hard lesbophobes try to tell me its not true. i believe in us