rb d

god i remember sitting in spanish class and whenever someone just glanced at me i wanted to cry bc i knew they knew i was gay in science this girl stared at me like i was an alien because she knew i was gay i remember in the locker room people glared at me and tried to hide from me when i wasnt even looking at them i was the dyke i was the fat lesbian who reads comic books and fucks them (literally. someone said that about me) i remember in orchestra my friend was trying to talk to me and i had to stop myself from breaking down it was so bad i tried to shove myself back into the closet but did it even work? does everyone know? and now that ive been gone for so long people are gossiping about me even more. does everyone know im gay? does everyone remember? i remember talking to my friends in the library and nearly crying because so many people knew and i was stupid i didnt lower my voice when i talked about my girlfriend i said i was gay and people mustve heard and it mustve spread its all my fault im a fucking idiot this contributed to me losing my friends GOD i wanna die so badly rn