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my son, he’s not a baby any more ;o;

ALSO, we get a better idea of how far along in the future RiD is set, since Cody doesn’t even look like a college-aged/teen yet.

…. which makes me MORE mad that none of the original kids have cropped up yet in RiD! Seriously, Bee?? You fly down on to the RB crew but HAVEN’T SEEN RAF YET?!? BEE!!!

(And lol, now the poor, poor RB squad doesn’t have to grieve over OP… when Bee was like “oh I guess that’s it” I was like THAT’S CERTAINLY QUITE A SHORT SUMMARY YOU GOT THERE.“)

I’ve been going through the spoilers tag, and I keep seeing people (Rumbelle fans) all excited about how Belle might be following Rumple into the underworld. They keep saying how romantic it’s gonna be, and saying how brave she is, and how this is another example of how RB is the truest true love to ever true love. (pffft.)

While I’m over here in my little CS-loving/Emma Stan corner like:

Weren’t you the people giving Emma shit about doing the exact same thing?

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So it’s okay when Belle does it to save a man who literally just slept with her under false pretenses, but when Emma goes to save her boyfriend who just saved everyone by sacrificing his own life…It’s not?

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