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the best vines
  1. i wont hesitate bitch
  2. oh my god they were roommates
  3. who is she
  4. “and i brought u murr” “thank u” “murr-der” “judas no”
  5. its finals week
  6. “i’m the sand guardian”
  7. the college freshmen
  8. look at this graph
  9. “the restauraunts full and theres a dinner a rush but we wanna be seated immediately” “done and done let me pull the table out of my ass”
  10. all of Jus Reign’s vines
✨ end of the year shout-out 🎉

as 2016 comes to a close and we make way for 2017, i’d like to take a second to say thanks! after listening to kpop since the beginning of the year and becoming a kpop blog, i’ve seen and interacted with quite a few of you, so if i’ve ever enjoyed your presence on my dash and/or smiled because of you, your url is on here!! without further ado, let’s begin 🎊

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I think releasing is very important. Releasing things that don’t serve you and are clutter. Releasing situations that tire you. Releasing people that don’t serve you in the sense of them being a positive force in your life. My therapist once said that the majority of us never fully exhale and I’d imagine you’re essentially taking in more energy, positive and negative, than you’re expelling. Our minds and bodies become wastebaskets and we hoard and collect and reminisce and keep things around for much longer than they need to be and suffer from the past for much longer than we ever should and I’m tired. I want to let go of everything and be free from it all in the most weightless of senses. 


i was tagged by @shouyouharem to do the selfie challenge but i can’t take selfies lol (thank you lucky !!)

im tagging @zrdu @gayradwhitedad @ayuura and whoever else would like to do it! (no pressure to do it tho ofc!)