I need to make updated reference sheets already- Meta still looks mostly okay (though he has abs now), but Nilla is just way too thin! I sketched these up quick, spent about 20 minutes on each one and I mean it shows, they’re messy, but holy cow I like them so much more than the ones I spent hours on last year. If you’re looking for those to compare, you can find them both by clicking “Meta and Nilla” on my tumblr page

I’ll probably clean these up and put together the updated refs sometime.

I think the hardest part is that soon the memory of me will be so insignificant to you. I won’t be the story of a girl who changed you, a girl who made you look at life a little differently. And that is the worst part of all, because for me you, are this and so much more.
—  RB, I hope that it still mattered to you  

“There’s a lot of channels”