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romaniagirl200  asked:

Can t i just ask for maybe Ra's being nice to Damian after idk doing something he is impresed by ?!!

Damian slide onto the fire escape outside his Metropolis apartment. He pushed open the window and looked out over the city as the sun set. Jon wouldn’t be home for another hour but after leaving Gotham Damian had promised himself not to hero after dark if he didn’t have to. Besides it gave him time to start dinner, Jon was a good boyfriend but a shitty cook. Damian slipped into his apartment and pulled off his Flamebird mask and started to stalk toward the kitchen wondering if either of them had bothered to go shopping this week. 

“This is not the path I expected for you” came a voice out of the shadows. Damian turned and threw a knife which enbeded itself less than a inch from the side of Ra’s al Ghul’s head where he sat in the over stuffed arm chair. He barely looked at it “Grandson” he said coolly. “Grandfather” Damian answered. Even though Damian was now in his mid-20s the Demon’s head looked no different from how he did when Damian had been a child. 

“What do you want?” Damian said tense his mind making a map to his sword in the hall closet, he was out of practice. Ra’s looked at him long and hard before speaking. “I raised you like you were my son, I believed one day you would replace the Batman then me” The old man gave a sigh. “I did not see this” he waved around the apartment “for you”

Damian brisled at that “I have made my own choices grandfather and I’m very happy with them” Ra’s smiled at that. “Yes you have made your own choices” He said, “in that way you were a surprise to me and I think your father also. You escaped our wars, became your own man, not the man I think you might be” Ra’s slowly bent over and picked up something at his feet. When he straightened up he had an Alsatian puppy in his lap. “I don’t know if you’ll ever believe me, but I am proud of you and the man you have become” 

An hour and a half later Jon turned the key in the lock and walked into the apartment. A second later a small dog came running at him yapping energetically. Jon picked the dog up and let it lick his face as it kept barking at him. “oh who are you?” He said laughing and doing his best to not lose his glasses. “A house warming gift from an old friend” Damian said sticking his head around the corner “dinner will be ready in five minutes” Jon crossed the space between them and kissed Damian pressing the dog between them who protested by licking their chins. 

Jon laughed and broke away. “So what’s the little guy’s name?” Damian gave a thoughtful look “well I had thought about Tim, but I think Ace will do” Jon smiled and nodded “traditional, I like it babe, dinner smells good by the way” 

Prompt #21: Wind

Late autumn roses made their gradual, perpetual way up, up, climbing the stony foundation of Mythka’s cabin with the life-pulse of The Black Shroud.  They would not be rushed, they would not be coaxed; they traveled where they pleased, reaching ever upward toward the shortening rays of sunlight that Hydaelyn graced them with.  One was a luscious russet, not unlike the strands of Myth’s hair, even bleeding at its petal’s edges into a hint of magenta.  The rose below it grew smaller, paler, struggling perhaps in the first’s shadow.  Its scent was no less fragrant, though, and the gentle afternoon breeze that began to sweep through the forest soon set it free.  One by one, like the strings of a harp, each blossom gave its fragrance over to mingle with the rest of the forest, tickled by the fingers of the wind.

Fallen leaves burned in bonfires malms away.  The chill in the air had its own scent, a rush of barely perceptible ozone flirting with ice.  The earth and the grass remained as they always had, the signature fragrance of The Shroud.  It was the base note of the blend, and held together the season-changing ingredients of the experience, grounding it.  The lilac had long faded with the last days of spring, and even the lavender had given way from purple flowers to mere grey stems.  These few days, brief indeed, were precious.  Summer’s last, most beautiful flower, those great blooms of roses, mingling with the crisp smoke of scorched leaves, the brisker wind of autumn, and the still warm, yet waning sun.

It pulled Mythka from his drowse, filtering in like a soft whisper through the cracked window.  He hadn’t meant to fall asleep in the middle of the day like this, but a hot shower, a soft robe, and a nice fire had done far too good of a job in seducing him.  His hair laid loose against the creamy linen sheets of his bed, still half damp and dark with the moisture, and those pale eyes flickered open to wander lazily around his house.

A quick glance to the side told him all he needed to know about what time it was, how long he’d slept.  The height of the sun was the only clock he needed.  Myth’s eyes lingered though, fixed outside his window and meandering through the quivering leaves.  The wind was different today.  It heralded more of a change, it promised rain and whispered of coming winter.  With a deep, hungry inhale he breathed The Shroud and rolled to his side to open the pane of glass even further.

Please Watch Sora no Woto

I have been wanting to make this post, or one like it, for a while. There are a few criminally underrated anime that I will campaign for until I die, that I will always defend. This is one of them, because it offers a perspective so rare and so beautiful. It isn’t perfect. It has a laundry list of flaws. But the brightest points of it, its best features, they make it worthwhile. In a lot of ways, it’s been brought back to my mind by Girls’ Last Tour, because the two shows have a lot in common. I’m glad to see that show getting a lot of attention, and it makes me hopeful that people can also appreciate the charms of Sora no Woto. I love both dearly, and they have quite similar themes.

Sora no Woto is a slice-of-life anime about optimism and community in the type of fictional world where we rarely see these things. In the type of world where the typical adage is “war never changes,” one of the central themes of this show is that people don’t change. It doesn’t shy away from conflict and pain, or the darker side of humanity, from ambition, from cruelty, from genocide. 

But while war doesn’t change, while the boundless cruelty mankind can exhibit doesn’t change… neither do friendship, community, or altruism. Laughter, kindness, and above all, hope. The brightest, best qualities of humanity persist through the end of the world. Because it hasn’t ended.

I think that part of it, that central theme of optimism under the looming shadow of war and desertification truly defines this show, and makes it an example of what “slice of life” can really be.

Probably my favorite moment is a scene where a central character, alone, exhausted, wounded and in shock at the horrors of war, hallucinates a long dead soldier from the previous age coming to life - telling her that the apocalypse that happened so long before had truly been the end of the world.

But even here, even in what is undoubtedly the darkest moment of her life, even surrounded by death and killing and facing the darkness alone…

…she refuses. She adamantly rejects the notion that the world has ended, that the bickering and resource wars she knows are all that humanity can still aspire to. 

And that is what I love. This scene is my favorite example, but it’s certainly not alone. This same concept is reiterated throughout. 

When I see this show described as “K-On in the army”, it hurts, because despite its aesthetics this show is unlike almost anything I’ve seen. I implore you to watch it, to give it a chance. It has flaws, but the brightest points are so wonderful that it’s a crime for it to have been so overlooked.

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