braidonw420 asked:

Have you noticed the stars around the moon lateley there is two of them and they are pretty!

Those aren’t stars, they are the planets Jupiter and Venus! But yes, they are very pretty. 

Personally I think they should just get it over with and get a room or something.

anonymous asked:

ugh...spa day? really? what happened to toddlers!?! it's been a YEAR! what do you think about this?

Look, a day at the spa, a fun-filled camping trip, a luxury party…those are all fun things. Unfortunately, they just aren’t what people want or need right now.

The Sims 4 is lacking, to say the least. I could fill an encyclopedia with the amount of content the game is missing. I know it, you know it, EA knows it. I have absolutely no idea why we’re getting cute but completely useless game/stuff packs when the game is so desperately in need of core content.

I can’t even fathom the meeting that took place that ended in a decision to include “spa day” content before toddlers/generations, seasons…etc. I think it’s an absolute travesty, and I’m just beyond exhausted with EA and The Sims 4.

the signs as parks and recreation characters
  • aries:chris traeger
  • taurus:ron swanson
  • gemini:mark brendanawicz
  • cancer:jerry gergich
  • leo:donna meagle
  • virgo:ben wyatt
  • libra:ann perkins
  • scorpio:april ludgate
  • sagittarius:tom haverford
  • capricorn:leslie knope
  • aquarius:orin
  • pisces:andy dwyer