Razzmatazztic is very excited to present a new section to our shop ! Razzmatazztic.pink ! Razzmatazztic.pink is a line full of colorful, fun, and pretty bracelets that you can add to your arm party ! There’s currently only one style and three colors available ( they can be custom made to your size as well ). However, before you panic, there will be more added soon ! From silver chain laced, adjustable, bangle, stretch, friendship bracelets, and more ! It won’t come all at once, But it will come soon ! Until then, I hope you enjoy our newest addition to our shop :) Check back for more upcoming and new stuff !


Nope nope. This is NOT my photo. Creds to whoever the original photographer was. Posting this to let you all know what’s coming soon to Razzmatazztic… Oh yes. Hopping on the bandwagon? I guess. Not entirely though. Studded shorts, vests, AND purses coming soon! (I was thinking shoes but I’m still thinking about that. It’ll be a bit if I do decide to). I will also have all sorts of studded bracelets coming soon under our Razzmatazztic.pink section! The mission to begin these projects will start this week :) So keep checking and definitely follow Razzmatazztic’s Instagram to see the whole process! @razzmatazztic :)

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Only 19 items left! Thank you everyone for all of your purchases! As some may know, I’m trying to clear out all of my shop to bring in a whole new Razzmatazztic for the New Year! To kick off the end of the year countdown early, I’m doing 25% of ALL items until New Years Day! Just use RAZZENDOFYR12 when checking out! Help me clear out my shop everyone! That would mean so much to me! :)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

I’m pretty sure everyone is pumped for these two major shopping days. Discounts on cute clothes?! HECK YEAH! Definitely gonna do some shopping! 

Anyways, as many may know, I do have an Etsy shop and will be participating in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Just visit my shop on both days to see the coupon code at the top to receive FREE SHIPPING! Also, if you’d like to receive a little more of a discount, you can like my shop’s Facebook page and receive a 20% off coupon code! 

Don’t miss out on some exciting deals! Also, it wouldn’t be so bad to support ya girl :) heh. I’ll put the links below! (Or go to the sidebar on my blog). Thanks!


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