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That is a fantastic shot, why haven’t I done it (would you be upset if I do)

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aaahhh the screenshot though ;_; one of my favourite scenes in the whole game

Thank you!! I love that scene so much too, it’s just full of drama 
But the screenshot isn’t mine (I haven’t got the luxury of the PC version of DAI dehe), it’s a courtesy from dear @razildor ♥  
The original is this one, I just edited it a bit  with photoshop

Katydids: Hatched

MORE BIG NEWS! Remember my first post ever on this dang Tumblr account? The one about my Katydid friend Razzy? How I first found him on my raspberry plant? How he got killed by pesticide TvT? WELP I found a few baby katydid nymphs a month or so ago (was just too lazy to post)!

SMOL (too smol sorry it was too fast I couldn’t take a better pic)


And then i somehow took this one…!? I’ll probably post it separately but ASDKFJSKDFJK proud of dis. Can’t wait to befriend ‘em!

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last movie i watched: The Secret Life of Pets

last song i listened to: Joris de Man (Horizon Zero Dawn)

last book i read: I’m currently reading the Black Throne, although I can’t remember the author rn

last thing i ate: Fries

where would you like to time travel to: Idk tbh?? Probably dont wanna travel in2 the future tho bc I dont wanna miss out on shit *eyes emoji*

fictional character i would hang out with for a day: Amethyst, Aradia Megido, Jade Harley, Bayonetta, 9S, 2B, Mae Borowski, Beatrice Santello

if i could be anywhere right now, where would i be?: Visiting my moirail or visiting Dami or Rebekka!

current fandom obsession: Homestuck, Miraculous ladybug (not fully watched everything but Im on it), and Nier: Automata, Bayonetta, Steven Universe

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ok I already had my twitter rant about this so im just going to sum up my thoughts real quick

  • Jupiter Ascending, while not to everyone’s taste, is being compared to Paul Blart Mall Cop by the Razzies and that’s fucking ridiculous
  • The only things “””wrong””” with it (and i say it like that bc this shit is my jam) was the over(?) extensive worldbuilding (which i thought was appropriate bc we were like the main character - dropped into a baffling world we knew nothing about) and a rambley plot
  • Even if we all agree those things are Bad I still don’t think that’s enough to warrant a razzie
  • While I can see that Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal of the villain might have been ludicrous to some, i don’t know why Mila Kunis has been nominated. I can’t actually pinpoint what bad acting she apparently did
  • Jupiter ascending is a gorgeous space odyssey 
  • the lead character is a believable woman who is a “strong” character on her own terms
  • i am Bitter and pretty certain this is another case of “It’s Girly Looking So It’s Stupid”
  • really tempted to go back through past nominations to check how many  plotless, explosion filled, testosterone extravaganzas have been nominated
  • like give jurrasic world a razzie that’s an insult to a beloved franchise and  two hours of my life gone forever

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razzie/razzy (as a nickname for gerard if that would change yr associations) ?

Razzie and Razzy both make me think of late night circus shows, of glowsticks and of jaffa cakes. They sound like very cheerful names. I imagine the people with those names are very good at entertaining people.

Annie won the razzie for worst remake

let me repeat that. Annie, the movie made for children (which admittedly had some glaring plot holes but was, again, made FOR CHILDREN) beat out Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Legend of Hercules, and fucking Atlas Shrugged #3 for the worst remake of the year

stay classy hollywood

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   Sylvia couldn’t believe her luck. How were the watch dogs so silent? The Zbornak and Wander had awoken in Hater’s ship AGAIN. They had been captured while still asleep AGAIN. She had to go find her wandering best pal before he landed himself in major trouble AGAIN.
   “And the worst part is-” The Zbornak had roared to herself as she fought her way through a group of watch dogs. 
   “He razzi-frazzin’ disappeared despite me razzin-frazzin’ saying not to, A G A I N!”

   Then there he was; Commander Peepers, Hater’s right hand man. Nothing was better than the brawls she had with this tiny nerd. Despite his small stature he could really kick butt when it came to it. A real challenging rival, and right now Syl was going to have to get past him before finding her best pal.
“I was hoping I’d run into you!” She called to Commander Peepers, an excited grin growing on the ex. bounty hunter’s face
   “Hater might not be a threat- but I’ll take the pleasure of kicking your tail any day!