Art Collab, Commission Discounts, and More!

1. The amazing David Hopkins and I are collaborating to help pay my bills in July! For every $50 raised, his Megan and my Speckles will get closer to doing something saucy. :D I’ll be drawing the next pic in the series (we’re taking turns). :) Check out the intro post (with hilarious dialogue and great art) right here!

2. There are still a couple of $25 single character slots open over here if you want something more custom made!

3. If you miss out on the slots above, I am open for regular commissions until school starts back up in August and there are several great discounts I do because I like drawing them:

The following things are half off (does not include character design, comics, or detailed backgrounds):
* nude ladies/female bodied characters
* my original characters
* canon Spyro the Dragon franchise characters
* dragons of all kinds
* canon and fan created Homestuck/Hiveswap characters
* gifts for friends/family members/other people

Here’s my price list so you can see what half off means. :)

4. I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me out so much of late. :) I now have a box fan thanks to the commissions I’ve gotten and that means I can draw again without sweating all over your art. XD The work continues! *floats away, art supplies in hand*


Oh dayumn, that is so much old art! XD I’m still glad it all went to a good home. :) Hee, I’ve never heard that old name pronounced that way (I always said “raahz-zeck”; “raah-zeek” sounds way rad XD). :) Ooooh, I have so many regrets about all that NSFW stuff I did back in the day. XD I was possibly the worst kind of fan, but I guess I needed those painful and awkward years. I’m sure I could tell you all the stories behind most of these pieces. :)

For those wondering what happened to me, uh, well, I’m right here. :D I’ve posted a bunch of art on my art blog, razzdoesthearts. I still loves me some Spyro and draw it once in a great while.

juria said: I’ve actually been following you for quite some time, and I used to love your Cynder x Ember comics and pics. I still enjoy your work, and I am glad I found you again. :)

…That comic is going to haunt me until I die. XD I’m going to get a job at a preschool or something someday and my admin will be like “Oh, also, I loved that CxE comic you did back in 2008!” XD My tombstone will read “Here lies Razz. Great teacher, friend, and artist of the first/worst Spyro not-porn comic ever made.” XD I’ve gone so far past frustration, bitterness, and anger over it these past many years that now I just think it’s hilarious. XD

But in all seriousness, thank you. :) I’m glad you’re still around and still enjoying my crazy work. :)