A couple sketches I doubt I’ll finish under my own power (but folks can contact me if you really want to see them done; likes/reblogs may keep them in my mind, a discounted paid commission will definitely get them done).

top: Syblatortue got a pretty funny ask about nookworms getting too big and I took it too far. XD Karkat’s overfed nookworm, Troll Will Smith, was set free into the wilds, where it became lusus to the most unfortunate kid on Alternia. :D

bottom: This cute cosplay and talking to Solluxisms got me thinking about duck-ish baby Alternian dragons. :) They’re lindworms because those are the best dragons. :)

I want to try and make an AHWU opening at least once so I’m trying to make the Achievement Hunter guys in a cute SD/Chibi format and animate it in MMD. So in order to do that I want to make everything from scratch and make them look somewhat cute but still keep their characteristics. So I went ahead and am making my favourite AH guy.I’ll just use him as a base for the other guys. Meaning I’ll alter his face to fit the other guys. And yes I’m going to be placing them in their well known Minecraft skins. So Ray will be dressed as Tuxedo mask… Pfft I need to work harder this has already taken me three hours of work split into two days.


Haha I was looking at Lady Krystine’s rp blog for Mot and he mentioned he finds Sparklez kind of adorable so I wanted to force myself to draw… And what better to do while watching the Captain’s POV of today’s stream? |D

rythian d0n’t cry. i’m n0t dead anym0re.

I wanted to draw my Zoeybot design in a more of a Homestuck style, I don’t know about the horns…. They looks kind of bland. I didn’t both designing her symbol since I figured she would be the kind to discard it for no real reason. Rythian’s symbol are Enderman eyes. She’s still showing her emotions despite how I type them. |D


My half assed attempt at a comic. This time again featuring Sonja and the first timers: Mot and Dianite. I like to think that our local Foxx looks a hell of alike to Bat from behind while wearing the flower crowns haha. Also no Mot isn’t accidentally copping a feel, I’m just too lazy to do proper posing since my hand hurts and its so hot! orz

I thought this up a lot earlier today, but only got around to quickly do a crappy doodle before I head to bed. An AU where everything is the same, only suddenly smaller versions of everyone showed up, and they seem to have unique powers? Enter in Puchicast! Based of of Puchimasu! which is an IdolM@ster thing which I find cute. You can tell which one I did first(Zoey) and who I did last (Nilesy). Here’s some info I guess for who I drew in this one.

Zo - Rythian found her and is taking care of her. She’s able to breath fire and seems to be able to talk to mushrooms? Teep is very fond of her and is super protective of her since she’s a bit… Mellow and happy, she seems to forget things easily.

Cancan - Zoey found this one and chose to take care of him, much to the dismay of Rythian. He’s very handy and knows how to build many things. He really likes Teep, he’s able to say a few words.

Little Rythian - Ravs surprisingly found him in a boat that drifted ashore his little island and named him Little Rythian. He feeds him squid since he seems to like them? Unluckily for Ravs… Little Rythian is able to teleport and is able to use magic, which forces Ravs in adventures instead of taking care of his bar.

Sipsie - Sjin found him and is forced to take care of him by the little man himself. Although Sjin takes advantage of this and dresses him up in many different outfits. He doesn’t seem to care, he’s really lazy and surprisingly has super strength but is too lazy to use it half the time. He’s usually found sitting down.

Shin 2 - Sips found this little guy and has put him to work. The way he named him annoys Sjin since Sips seemed to got his name wrong and calls him Shin instead of Sjin(SS-Jin). Sips finds it funny how his mustache and beard are fake and are simply tied on. He’s extremely hard working and a simple pat on the head or a small chip of mahogany wood is all he needs to be happy.

Lil Nilesy - He was found near Nilesy & Hannah’s new base, although Hannah instantly took him in and is now trying to… “Catch them all” since she finds them rather adorable. Hannah has another puchicast member, and is currently trying to kidnap the one that looks like her from Lewis. Not surprisingly Lil Nilesy is a much better pool boy than Nilesy, he seems to be able to control the very water all around. But would rather build little holes in the ground and fill them in with a few buckets of water to make a murky “pool”.

I have a few more I want to make, which will be done later.. I need to work harder on this style, this came out really bad orz

I love the hybrid AU so much. So I went ahead and did a cross over with my little AU of PuchiHunters. Lil Vav who can’t walk glides around carrying his ride with him, which lil Micool likes a lot. But he can’t help but walk his little stubby puchi legs while doing so. The little fighting master supreme X-ray would be a jumpy little rabbit who steals snacks. I gave him a cute little buck tooth for his puchi self ^q^


Yes I made Farmer Steve for a joke that happened a while back. I found this motion last night while I was looking for new motion data to test some new model edits and what not and found this. I instantly thought of Farmer Steve. Then I quickly made him for a joke orz


Haha a little teeny tiny CountryBat(CB) being looked after by her new dad, in the first pic, and a very caring uncle. I’m too lazy to colour. Ugh. orz I can’t help but imagine Dianite buying her pretty dresses and stuffed toys… BUT that’s just me.