Haha I was looking at Lady Krystine’s rp blog for Mot and he mentioned he finds Sparklez kind of adorable so I wanted to force myself to draw… And what better to do while watching the Captain’s POV of today’s stream? |D


My half assed attempt at a comic. This time again featuring Sonja and the first timers: Mot and Dianite. I like to think that our local Foxx looks a hell of alike to Bat from behind while wearing the flower crowns haha. Also no Mot isn’t accidentally copping a feel, I’m just too lazy to do proper posing since my hand hurts and its so hot! orz

A super generic shoujo style image of the lovely main character Tsumiki…. A generic looking “Senpai notice me u lil shit otherwise I’ll break ur goddamn leg u trash”. Drawing like this is hard for me, I need more softer lines and more moe trash hair.


I wanted to do icons but only ended up doing two. Haha I’m too lazy to work anymore. If I do anymore it’ll be a miracle. Anyways I only wanted to draw my own version of Andor. I wanted to do a third one for good measure and make a Dianite member or Wag for the hell of it but naaaah. I wanna sleep now so ye. Also crazy day today, before it hits midnight haha.

If you wanna use ‘em go for it, but credit me somewhere on your blog, link if ya want but whateves.

I love the hybrid AU so much. So I went ahead and did a cross over with my little AU of PuchiHunters. Lil Vav who can’t walk glides around carrying his ride with him, which lil Micool likes a lot. But he can’t help but walk his little stubby puchi legs while doing so. The little fighting master supreme X-ray would be a jumpy little rabbit who steals snacks. I gave him a cute little buck tooth for his puchi self ^q^


Yes I made Farmer Steve for a joke that happened a while back. I found this motion last night while I was looking for new motion data to test some new model edits and what not and found this. I instantly thought of Farmer Steve. Then I quickly made him for a joke orz


Haha a little teeny tiny CountryBat(CB) being looked after by her new dad, in the first pic, and a very caring uncle. I’m too lazy to colour. Ugh. orz I can’t help but imagine Dianite buying her pretty dresses and stuffed toys… BUT that’s just me.


Did some super quick doodles. Andor crying face in this style brings a smile to my face. Ianite being super cheeky with her double pistols minus a wink… And then SUDDEN FEELS when we see a more delicate side of the beloved lieutenant Al who does what he can to protect his family. Al why didn’t we learn all this in the stream, why was your side of the story so hidden in the subreddit. Is your family dead now, pls tell me they didn’t kill off your daughter. And then Sparklez’ guilt. I want the plot to move forward badly now ; 7 ;

Haha, everyone knew what would happen yet it still happened. Captain Sparklez “actual” kid with Ianite. Did Ianite called her Ianita or something? Oh well here she is in my own style. I chose to incorporate the genie style a lot of people like to use with Ianite new look into this one. And instead of her usual purple I gave her some red since our Cap’n has red shades. Haha.