And we’re the Game Grumps!


I’m glad so many of the Grumps got to touch Chris Pratt.

the grumps as patron saints
  • Dan: the patron saint of hair frizz, screwing around with instruments in your friend's basement, cascading laughter, platform shoes, success on your own terms, the crinking-rattling sound of a sack of skittles, city sunrises
  • Arin: the patron saint of black t-shirts, magical anime girls, eating things that weren't really meant for human consumption, the kind of favors you don't expect repaid, cupcakes
  • Ross: the patron saint of dinosaurs, shit-eating grins, being an asshole (mostly) out of love, backseat gaming, the first time you see snow, curiosity’s light heart and dark corners
  • Barry: the patron saint of genuine compliments, city lumberjack aesthetic, the meeting of enthusiasm and dedication, particle effects, people you’d never expect to swear until they do
  • Brian: the patron saint of licking things, elegantly graying hair, fathers who love their daughters, really terrible sex jokes, erotic friendfiction, steadfast friendship, those who are immune to kinkshaming
  • Suzy: the patron saint of shoes with spikes on them, light souls in dark times, crafts that sometimes involve dead animals, good hair days, the meeting of makeup and armor, fierce protectiveness