razor zones

london, a few far away
there was malls in those days
when we were younger there was
air between the cars
sarcophagus carp
and you could actually walk to school

there are razor zones of imagined violence
we actually could go out and razorsharp
an imagined whore on violence
those ideas far far away
when younger there was cars away
between the sarcophagus

Scandal: Look kid. I know you think you’re ready for the big leagues. But it takes more than being a good hacker and a ragtag group of mifits to make it and survive in this w-

Did you just turn your hands into goddamn blades?

Razorsharp: Don’t worry. I’ve got things…in hand.

Just a concept I had drawn out at NYCC by awesome artist Valerio Schiti, may he draw for a very long awesome time. Rae and Scandal meeting and working together because of coinciding jobs would’ve been fun to see. But alas they technically lived in almost completely separate times. Razorsharp dying in Infinite Crisis while Scandal was introduced leading into it in Villains United I believe.


Pegboard Nerds & Tristam- Razor Sharp (Original Mix)

Glitch Hop/ Moombahton 
I have been waiting for this one, huge track.