I Signed up to the Dollar shave club a few days ago, I had been toying with the idea for a while, after using Preseve for a while but always missing the “Gilette” style high quality shavers I used to have.

For those of you who are unaware, Gilette, Schick and Bic (who are the three brands of blades/shavers you will see in stores) All test on animals. 
It is also really common place for the moisture strip in shavers to contain animal products such as Lanolin and Animal fat.
This is where Preseve come in, they promote themselves as a vegan eco-friendly company and are sold in vegan stores.
Now the truth about Preserve is: they are now owned by Clorox (who test on animals) they also use recycled yogurt cups from non-vegan yogurts, this always made me feel super uncomfortable.. Are we doomed to not shave anything ever?

Here comes Dollar Shave club to save the day, Not only are they cheaper, Not tested on animals, they are not owned by a parent company and the moisture strips contain no animal products.
These babies are vegan, high quality and cruelty free! (above I’ve included a comparison of the 4x and the preserve razor, the 4x has been used and the preserve is a new blade/razor)
The dollar shave club has 3 choices of razors, which you can easily change each month or even customise your subcription to every second month. 
Compared to the Preserve which is $14 for the inital razor and $14 for a pack of 4 refills, the dollar shave club is cheap as…
I would compare the Preserve to dollar shaves “humble twin” in style and quality which is still $10 cheaper than the preserve (and since you get the handles free from Dollar shave club you’d save another $10, so that’s $20 cheaper and it’s vegan and cruelty free)

If you are tired of buying cruel, crappy, or cheap razors, give them a try, i definitely won’t be going back to Preserve.

Right now Dollar Shave Club is only available in Australia, the US and Canada, but I have no doubt they will be in other countries very soon!