Person of Interest: Razgover

So much love for this series.  Complex stories well woven, interesting and three dimensional characters, intense scenes filled with angst and humor.  

I took to our little Hannah the Spy, aka Genrika, instantly, but when she managed to call out Shaw, THEN spot her in a classic countersurveillance move?  Oh, yeah, she will be part of the *family* once she grows up.  I really do hope to see her periodically throughout the series.

We see more of Shaw’s backstory as well as how she sees herself.  I tend to agree with Gen’s assessment.  The joy Shaw displays with Bear shows that there is more than just anger in her, even if that anger is predominant currently.  

Speaking of the flashbacks, kudos to the show for a great casting.  This young actress looks like a young Shaw.  Amazing job.  

The Russian criminal that Shaw took blood from (and wasn’t that a cool scene with her asking all those annoying questions you get when you do donate blood?) was quite frankly a likeable hood.  Hope he appears again as well.  No torture needed as he didn’t agree with kidnapping a child like that, especially one of their own I would imagine.

Now on to Carter.  Her badassery was even more in view.  I swear I thought her *partner* was about to crap his pants in that bar scene.  Boy needs taking down and fast, but he is so afraid of Carter that he might very well be a valuable asset in the dismantling of HR.

More favorite scenes.  Reese being all fisticuffs with HR baddie.  Although i still think he should’ve kneecapped the man.  Finch impressed by Gen’s hideaway for the tapes.  Finch getting squicked by the tapes, telling himself to read the labels.  Gen’s reason for making the tapes.  Shaw hugging Gen when leaving her at the school.  Shaw refusing to see a doctor, focused more on getting Gen back.  Her bugging Finch’s library office.

Brilliant series getting even more brilliant as time goes on.  Only was missing The Fusco, but he’ll be back next week.