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anonymous asked:

I have a friend that insists Jak is white because Caucasians have a trait of blond hair. Thoughts?

hoooo boy we’re really gonna go there, are we? for reference, here’s an assortment of Jak screencaps:

Okay. First of all, Jak isn’t even a true blond; his hair fades to a yellowish tone as it grows out but it’s naturally green (see: his roots and facial hair, and it was fully green when he was a child). Neither white people nor poc have naturally occuring green hair in our world!
((also, poc with light hair and eyes do exist; those traits aren’t exclusive to white people.))

Secondly, if you examine how Jak is rendered, he does not have facial features common among white people. His dad doesn’t either. They are coded as (ambiguously) poc, regardless of hair/eye/skin colours.
This isn’t just a stylistic choice; some characters are given more ‘typically white’ features, such as these dudes:

Lastly, JnD is fantasy. This series has otherworldly substances that can spontaneously turn people into animals, not to mention all of the crazy creatures and technological marvels. Why is the concept of a light-haired poc the one thing that breaks your friend’s suspension of disbelief? It’s more realistic than most of the content in the series.

In conclusion, your friend’s reasoning is flimsy and has no basis in jnd canon. Also, they probably ought to step back and take a long hard look at why they’re so opposed to the idea of Jak being poc.


Our Summer Fandom Project! (Thought I’d already posted this oh well)

Done on canvas in time to celebrate going to LFCC 2017. We each went as a character on here (her as Hanji me as Rick), it was great fun!

The benders are our Avatar-sonas.

Hope you like! 😊