raze it up

yumeyumepastel  asked:

Out of everyone in the shedherps, who is the worst person to give caffeine to?

“Nowi. Without a doubt, Nowi. Good visitor, I believe you may know what happens when you give a child even a smidgen of caffeine, correct? They become an unstoppable dynamo. A veritable bundle of jumping, screaming energy. Well, substitute the child with a tiny woman who can transform into a dragon at will. What you get if you’re smart is an earful of questions asked faster than you can process and several demands to play leapfrog. Of course, this implies that you confiscate her Dragonstone first. If you don’t, well…”

“Gaius made the mistake of making a bit too much espresso one morning, and left the pot out in the mess hall. When Nowi discovered it, she must have thought it to be tea or regular coffee as she promptly guzzled the whole thing down. What followed was a 6-hour rampage. Mountains were shook, much of a nearby forest was razed, Virion ended up at the bottom of a well, and the skies echoed with the most hysterical bout of giggles anyone has ever heard. And when the caffeine wore off? Well, Nowi fell asleep… mid-flight… I believe the term ‘crashing’ has never been so appropriate.”

“My point, good visitor, is that Nowi mustn’t ever be allowed to have more than a cup of tea’s worth of caffeine. The results are quite frankly more than any of us can handle…”

tiredandjaded  asked:

alya/adrien ?

okay well we all know the most logical way to do this ship is secret identity shenanigans and we ALL KNOW how weak I am to Chat/Alya and Chat/Volpina. 

alternately and more angstily, though: Vulpin/Adrien. 

  • Look. The Sis Code is a thing. Alya is not gonna break the Sis Code. Alya is a GOOD FRIEND and she would never even LOOK AT Adrien Agreste except to agree with Marinette’s opinion on his eyes and Chloe’s opinion on his ass. And she wouldn’t actually do the last one out loud, for the record, because, like: CHLOE. Give that girl an inch she’ll take an acre and then have it razed to put up a mall. 
  • Thennnnnnn Ladybug comes up to new-kit-in-town Vulpin all super-freaked and is like “VULPIN LOOK YOU GOTTA PROTECT ADRIEN AGRESTE THERE IS A CRAZY-ASS AKUMA AFTER HIM”. And Vulpin!Alya is like “sure I can do that, no problem, I am a superhero now and that is a thing that superheroes do!” 
  • The FIFTH time she catches him trying to climb out his bedroom window, she starts having reservations. 
  • “Seriously,” she says in exasperation as she shoos him back inside. “What is wrong with you. What even IS this. You are gonna get akuma-nommed if you keep this up.” 
  • “I can’t just stay home and let Ladybug put herself in danger for ME!” Adrien says, deeply and passionately and From The Heart™. He is breathing heavily and all big-eyed and pained-looking and mussed up from his increasingly crappy series of escape attempts. He looks like the kind of idiot who would INSTANTLY get akuma-nommed. 
  • Uh-oh, Vulpin thinks as her heart does a COMPLETELY UNAUTHORIZED weird little flippy thing in her chest. 

mentalitynotes  asked:

◯ - Rescuing them (Cause Luna does all the saving)

Dragging her feet, Holly rounded the corned with her head hanging low. She past an ally where she herd screaming. Looking up, Holly couldn’t believe her eyes. A tall built man pinned a young blonde woman against the brick wall.  “Hey ”  She called out as she threw a snow ball at the bully’s head.

Holly braced herself into a fighting stance. With one hand she created an ice shield, while she flicked her right wrist and three Ice stars.  He dropped his victim and started to charging at Holly like a bull. Tossing the stars, only one seemed to cut his arm. This made him angrier. Panic, Holly slid un the man’s legs; then razing her arms up, she built an thick ice wall. Holly turned to the women and smiled, “Hi, I’m Holly Silverflake”