Popped in on Rosie’s ( @junryou​ ) stream tonight and she sketched a gorgeous Razer!! (on the left) 

So I couldn’t resist sketching Aya (on the right) too to match and she said we should post them and so here they are together! uvu


HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIANCARLO VOLPE XD!! and Happy day 3 of Razaya week today’s theme is if only/Rewrite the ending. As I had mention my day 1 was a bit of a rewrite since I had them share there first kiss in the Dark Matter episode but I was saving my day 3 drawing for this baby. Razer already in his blue lantern get up gazes of into the distance as he did at the finale but in my rewrite Aya is there by his side T-T, Oh how I wanted this so.

I am very proud of how this came out I of course reference the crap out of the screenshot I had of dark matter and I am very proud of how Aya, Razer and that Background came out ^_^. However I went so crazy with this one I will not have art for day 4 I will try my hardest to have something done for day 5 wish me luck.

Lastly I think it’s really neat how the rewrite theme was put on Giancarlo Volpe’s, the producer of GLTAS, birthday. So happy B-day Giancarlo and thanks once again for making such a fantastic and amazing show ^_^.