So this thing happened...

Long story short: my sister spilled water on my laptop and left it to be soaked for at least 2 hours before I got up to find out that the screen was dead.

It seems that my internal drive may have been affected, so I’m burying my laptop in rice for 2 nights. Hopefully I can stream again after waiting, but if not, I’m really sorry to those who paid me for their commission, and I’d have to refund it until I can sort this problem out.

(Sigh) I seriously hope my laptop isn’t permanently screwed since it was just water, but sorry for the inconvenience :(

Catch you guys later, hopefully :)

Laptop Update

All right, the laptop is functioning just fine, but the keyboard is fucked. So until I get a new keyboard, it’s gonna be super fucking awkward for me to stream.

And I use short keys a lot on Photoshop lmao