raytown missouri



Last Saturday night (August 22nd), my American Bulldog, Ace, was stolen from my home in Overland Park, Kansas by my mom’s ex-boyfriend. That’s her up in the photo with Ace, he’s 7 months old, completely white save a brown brindle spot over his right eye, and black spots starting to show up around his face and stomach. My pit bull Roxie has barely even eaten or moved since he was taken, they can’t even sleep unless they’re next to each other.

He’s most likely somewhere in the Kansas City, Missouri side, Raytown, Lee Summit, Harrisonville, or Blue Springs, or anywhere around there. The man who took him is violent towards the dog and I’m just worried he’s dead, or dying, I don’t even know if he’s fed the dog in the last few days, but I really need him back.

There is a small reward for finding the dog.

He’s such a large portion of my family and it’s hard to even sleep knowing he’s not home or safe, please message me here if you’ve seen him or have him, or even just reblog and please help, every day he’s gone there’s a higher chance he’s hurt or dead, and I don’t think I, nor my other dog, could live without him.


Thank you all so much alright <3