#zx282 - Realgar
Fusion of: Bloodstone and Calcite
Gem Type: Realgar
Weapon(s): Poleaxe, chunks of Realgar used as projectiles
Skills/Powers: Excellent at public speaking, strategic mind, glows under UV rays
Personality: Hotblooded!!! Charismatic, dominating, very loud. Can be a good team leader just as much as an oppressive tyrant.

Ray is born in the middle of an electrical storm, half a lifetime away from Earth. He kind of thought maybe that would have made him a little more special than it did, when in reality, all it gave him was a brother who hated him, a grandmother who looked at him like it was his fault his father died, and a mother he hasn’t seen since he was six.

By the time Ray is sixteen, he’s been arrested nine times for nine different things. He’s kind of running out of ideas, but it doesn’t stop him from asking the arresting officer if the next pat down and overnight stay is free.

By seventeen, he’s been kicked out of his grandmother’s home and he’s living on the street, sleeping where and when he can.


did i ever tell you guys i’m writing a ray as jim kirk au?

because i’m totally writing a ray as jim kirk au

mmk I’ve had a few messages land in my inbox today about Will/Nina and so here’s a post because apparently I have feelings about this.

Personally, I don’t think Will would have propositioned Nina had it not been for the bruising encounter with Mac nor Nina reciting the voicemail back at him. Will’s feelings towards Mac remain unresolved, and I think the only reason Nina seems set apart from Will’s other post-Mackenzie conquests is that we actually know her as a character beyond her function as a love interest - which is a leap and a bound forward for this show. (In fact, we’re seeing the same thing happening with Hallie and it is a fucking plus.) 

With all of that in mind though, Nina is clearly Will moving forward, albeit in the most backwards way possible. Nina threatened Mackenzie and Will protected her to the hilt. Here it was Will fighting for Will, whatever bullshit he may spout to the contrary, and I think Nina respected that in the way Mac cannot. Although we’ve never seen pre-Mac Will (besides that 9/11 video) I’d bet my fuck that Will’s behaviour in the dining room scene was the closest to it we’ve seen. And I think Nina understood that, and that’s why she initially rejected him - he was asking for the wrong reason. Nina’s not as amoral as she likes to think she is, and still she slept with him knowing that but three months ago he declared his love for Mackenzie in a voicemail she never heard. I’d love to know what Will said to her.

Most interesting, though, was Mac’s call to Nina at the end of the episode. It was pretty clear from the get-go that Nina was at Will’s, a twist that would only surprise virgins and especially dim hermits, but her reaction to hearing from Mackenzie was surprising. You could easily chalk this down to her being mature enough to handle real life, but her decision to tell Will was more interesting. Was she trying to get a rise? If she was she didn’t get one. He just..didn’t care. Will’s never been particularly good at hiding his emotions, but he didn’t even flinch. If anything, he cared less about it than Nina. Does that mean he’s moved on? I don’t think so. But I think he has given up on Mac, now, and he’s trying to.