Beware the Batman

Things I don’t like about Batman:
○ you don’t wear that Gray/Blue costume anymore 😔
○ your parents died a long time ago, get over it already 😭🚻🔫
○ srsly dude? a boy wonder? riiiiiight. 👴🍬👶
○ just kill the joker. do it, we want you to. 👅🔪
○ not everything has to be bat-themed. we get it, ur batman. 👿👌
○ do u ever work out? or is that pure ‘roid rage? 👊💪
○ remember when the first robin died? and the next one? yeah, no more kid crime fighters, k? 👦💣
○ you need more color in your life. black is so passé. 🌈


hey Tumblr, I made this video by stealing all ur GIFs. much love to u all for being such an inspiration to me. if you made any of these GIFs, much respect to u!