conceptualsolitude posts for the signs
  • Aries:concept: the first ray of sunlight after years of night drips over me like warm honey. i'm alive again
  • Taurus:concept: me, sleeping without any obligation to wake up
  • Gemini:concept: me, laying on a hillside, far away from everything i know. waiting for nothing. i have all the time in the world
  • Cancer:concept: me, physically removing my sadness. it's a little stone that had been making a home out of the pit of my stomach for years. the moment it left my lips was like pouring sunlight over my skin
  • Leo:concept: i can turn invisible at will. the man with leering eyes stares at the place i was standing a moment ago. i relish in his confusion
  • Virgo:concept: me, sitting comfortably at the top of the tallest tree. i can see everything and i'm no longer afraid
  • Libra:concept: me, sailing through the milky way with many-coloured stars caught in my hair. there's no pain up here, only laughter and peace
  • Scorpio:concept: me, laying on a cloud, a peaceful observer and nothing more
  • Sagittarius:concept: me, gone from everyone's thoughts and memories. now i can start over
  • Capricorn:concept: me, standing at the end of the world. i've made it
  • Aquarius:concept: i left the bath running too long and now the whole house is underwater. there are fish in my room and stingrays in the kitchen and i float around, breathing just fine
  • Pisces:concept: me, dancing alone in a moonlit meadow. everything looks silver. i'm not worried at all
  • All Signs:concept: me, loved eternally by the wind and the rain and the grass and the moon and the sun and the earth and the sky and the stars
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bus stop attractions
rated: g for god this fluff 
pairing: jikook
note: i,, have no idea what i wrote but this is jikook and i was thinking abt it in the bus bc i saw some cute girl and iw as like well. lets do a jikook thing based on my thoughts?? SO enjoy this my loves, im gonna use this to kickstart this blog up again

the skies were as clear as the water in his water bottle, with not a single splotch of white in sight. rays of sunlight beat down on his back, his backpack suddenly feeling heavy and weighing so much more on his shoulders. in his right hand, his lithe fingers grasped the handles of his guitar case, swinging it slightly. the bustle of students roaming about, trying to get to their cars or maybe to the bus stop or across the street to go get picked up by their parents, never seemed to bore him.

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Contrary to popular belief (read: what Dean thinks), Castiel is actually a morning person. 

You can’t tell it by the fact he remains curled up under the comforter as long as he can, communicating in grunts and moans until Dean drags the sheets off of him completely and forces him to get up. 

You can’t tell it by the fact he comes out of the bedroom with his hair still a ruffled mess and glaring at the smile Dean gives him as he hands Castiel his first of at least three cups of coffee. 

But he really is a morning person. 

He’s awake by the time the first rays of sunlight stream into his and Dean’s shared bedroom. He watches as they travel across the floor and to the bed, hitting against the freckles on Dean’s nose, casting shadows where his lashes reach over his cheeks and highlighting the blond of his hair. 

He’s awake to watch the rise and fall of Dean’s chest, rhythmic and calming, and listen to his light snores that he insists he doesn’t make. He traces every scar and blemish with his eyes and smiles gently at how they all come together to make Dean the man he is - the man Castiel loves more than anything. 

He’s awake to feel the brush of lips against his shoulder, the soft smile on Dean’s lips as he presses light kisses to the nape of his neck, humming softly and hugging Castiel closer to him. He hears Dean whisper, “Morning, angel,” in his ear, tender and loving like Castiel is the most precious thing Dean has ever known. 

He’s awake, but he remains still, eyes closed and feigning sleep because he’s not ready for Dean’s arms to pull away to get ready for the day, for Dean to get up and take his warmth with him and leave him alone in their bed. 

He pretends to not feel the smattering of kisses to his jaw and cheeks and shoulders, or the feather-light touch of fingers running up his arm and across his hip; pretends not to hear Dean coaxing him into wakefulness with Zeppelin lyrics and promises of coffee and bacon. 

Eventually, Dean gets up, leaving a final kiss to Castiel’s lips as he slips out of bed to put on the coffee and start making breakfast, and Castiel sighs, rolling over to Dean’s side of the bed and curling up with his pillow. He’s got at least another hour before Dean comes back in to finally pull him out of bed and run a hand through Castiel’s hair, kissing him again and telling him he’s got morning breath and teasing him about so not being a morning person. 

Castiel just smiles as Dean goes back to the kitchen whistling “Hey, Jude”, remaining in bed for another moment and looking out the window to the sun rising in the sky. 

He’s certainly a morning person, but Dean doesn’t need to know that yet.