tell me again how we drowned ourselves in the community pool
last august. filled ourselves with crimes and sank like sorrow
to the bottom. remember? even when our bodies broke themselves
trying to float, our hearts were paperweights. tell me about
how we caught rays of sunlight and tangled them in our skins,
kissed the sins out of each other until we were holy once more.
tell me how we pretended the chlorine water was angel tears,
rinsed our corpses with shaking fingers and abandoned them
when we were clean. we wouldn’t need them anymore.
—  but the ache of living never fades | a.c. for @svcredstars | want one?

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Pairing: Luke and female reader

Rating: PG-13

A/N: This took too long to write, I am The Worst. This is a cute lil fluff but I feel like it’s not as good as my first fic, idk, maybe I should stick to angst. I hope you guys enjoy it though, I can really picture Luke being this way…

The annoying sound of your alarm is what woke you up. That, and the too bright rays of sunlight that peeked from the open curtains. Cursing to yourself, you rolled over to shut the device off and attempted to get up. That was, of course, proven to be a difficult task the second you felt a little tug on your boyfriend’s shirt that you had worn to bed the night before. Smiling slightly to yourself, you looked over your shoulder and was greeted by the beautiful sight of Luke laying face down on the sheets, broad back and shoulders bared to you and freckles in full display. His morning hair was a fluffy mess and the only sign that he wasn’t still asleep was his right arm extended to grab hold of your shirt in an attempt to keep you from leaving. You giggled and sat on your knees next to him.

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