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chapter one.

My foot tapped impatiently as I sat staring at my phone, closing and reopening my app for the millionth time today. So far today I had a total of 0 messages.

Zero. Messages.

And I was fighting the urge within me to just send a quick hello, in fear that I’d come off as overbearing or clingy or annoying or any other negative word you could think of to describe a girl who was infatuated with seeing the name ‘Will’ pop up on her phone or computer screen.

It was like that sick feeling you felt in the pit of your stomach when you were starting to gather a childish infatuation with someone that had you ridiculously giddy for no reason at all. It wasn’t like our conversations were flirtatious. They were simple in nature which was why they probably had me as happy as I was.

He would check on me, ask how my day was, and we’d just share little details and stories about our schedules. It was…romantic in a sort of way. The sort of way that wasn’t really romantic at all but I imagined it to be.

Meanwhile, my friends sat around chatting up each other while I remained immersed in my phone. For a moment, I slid it away in my pocket in hopes that would bring me some form of luck.

“So what are we doing this weekend? I’m thinking that party at Danny’s place, no?” My best friend Tristan proposed, her blue eyes lighting up. If there was anyone who enjoyed a good party, it was her. Every weekend it seemed she was filling the group chat with the details of the latest party or club event that would be the talk of the town for a week.

“Yeah. I guess we could do that. It’d be a fine night out. Right, Jas?” Rebecca turned her eyes toward me. She was the quieter one of the group. I was somewhat stuck in the middle between her and Tris personality wise.

Tris was, as described, the 'party animal’. Everyone knew her. At university, she was the one invited to everything and who could get us into anything. Rebecca on the other hand was shy, timid and very rarely did she look anyone in the eye. To be honest, the only reason others knew her was because she was always by Tristan’s side.

And there I lie in the middle as the somewhat shy, sometimes outgoing, sometimes bitchy friend who had a scowl on her face because someone said something idiotic.

I didn’t mind being that person.

“I guess I’ll go. It’s his birthday right?” It seemed no matter how old we all got after graduating, we all stayed in touch with our old friends. We had all moved on to do great things but we’re still in each other’s lives in some capacity. That included wild birthday celebrations.

A smirk immediately pierced Tristan’s grin, a mischevious glint in her eyes shining to let me know she had something up her sleeve. “That it is.”

Tristan and Danny had this ridiculous secret fling they had been having since freshman year. They called it 'friendly sex’. I called it putting each other on reserve until they both were mature enough to admit their feelings.

So far they hadn’t.

“Oh God. What do you have planned? Some birthday rendezvous after the night’s over?” Becca teased which caused me to chuckle under my breath. But my mind didn’t stay on the conversation too long as their talk became muffled around me.

I retrieved my phone from my pocket. Still no message. I couldn’t take it any more so rather than torturing myself, I sent the first message.

J: Hi.

I immediately dropped my phone face down in front of me so I wouldn’t be able to see the screen light up once there was a reply sent. My nerves and anxiety wouldn’t allow me to.

But I didn’t have to wait too long as my phone buzzed along the table and I flipped it over, revealing a message that immediately made me grin.

W: Hey. Sup?

J: Nothing. Grabbing a bite with my friends. You?

W: Stuck in the office. Ughhhhh. Save me! haha

My grin broke even wider and I could feel my cheeks heating up some, my hand cowering in front of my face as I tried to calm myself down before my friends could notice because if they even caught a slight change of expression on my face, they’d rip me to shreds.

J: Ha maybe if you lived a little closer I could.

W: I wish I did for that reason :(

My mind drifted off to envisioning us living close to the point where I could hop in my car and go visit, bother him at work, or catch a movie. Hell, even meet for the first time!

“Jasmine.” The calling of my name made my head pop up as I saw Tristan watching me with curiosity. “Why the hell are you smiling so much?”

“She’s blushing too,” Becca interjected as she sipped her latte. I shot her a warning glare which she found a way to avoid by staring down her straw to pretend to be occupied.

“So who is in your inbox, little one? A man, perhaps?” Tris gave a teasing smirk which only caused me to roll my eyes and groan. “Absolutely no one. Okay?”

I hadn’t told my friends about Will and for good reason because if I even thought to tell them I was even slightly interested in this man I hadn’t met or even seen a picture of, they’d probably throw me to the sharks and no longer call me their best friend.

But that was my flaw when it came to men; I fell for the personality and the attention far quicker than I should have. In my mind, the men started as a friend but as soon as they entered my inbox on a nearly daily basis, you might as well have started printing the wedding invitations. I was smitten.

“Who is it?” Tris began to peer over to gain a quick look at my phone but I pulled it away protectively into my lap. “Not telliiiiing,” I sang out but I knew better than to think they would let me get away with not telling them anything.

“Seriously. Who are you talking to who has you so giddy? You’ve been looking at your phone the entire time we’ve been together. Spill it.”

I huffed, realizing I was practically cornered and unable to escape the interrogation I was about to go through. They were my best friends so I guess I should feel comfortable telling them.


And a part of me did want to spill all of the wonderful details about this man I had been hiding in my mind and devices for exactly two weeks and three days now in hopes that maybe my friends would understand my infatuation.


“His name is Will. I met him on our little chat app.” Immediately their bodies perked up with interest and attention.

“Details! Details!”

“More importantly, what does he look like?”

“About that…I don’t know what he looks like,” I muttered under my breath.

Tristan’s eyes widened in dismay. Rebecca’s face scrunched in confusion behind her black-rimmed Ray Ban glasses.

“You haven’t seen him before?”

I shook my head. “But he hasn’t seen me either to be fair. Aside from my profile picture. That’s it,” I clarified. I didn’t want them to think he was somehow hiding himself from me. We just hadn’t bothered asking to see each other and I was comfortable with that though part of me did wonder what exactly he looked like.

Blonde? Brunette? Tall? Dashingly handsome? Dimples?

Knowing my luck he was some bald man hiding behind a computer screen. I had thought of that possibility a few times but simply waved it off. I wasn’t that unlucky.

look who FINALLY posted chapter 1. AHHHHH! i know, crazy wait. my apologies. if you need the prologue to kinda sorta get where this is going click here but as i said it is going to be a fun, bumpy ride i plan on taking you all on.

i did sorta skip past the whole “2 weeks getting to know each other phase” because ah yeah boring! it would have been unneccessary details anyway but i’ll be sure to fill in some blanks as we go along.

as usual, message me with feedback or guesses on who Will is! like and/or reply if you enjoyed :)


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The Kolor of Kaiju: Part 2

About a month ago I started a periodic series of articles delving into the color identities of giant movie monsters. As a lover of kaiju films, I begin with the most iconic members of this group: Godzilla and his most popular nemeses. There’s no denying the global influence Godzilla, and Japanese monster movies in general, have had on the genre.

But as much as Japan has dictated trends in monster movie history, the United States has been right there dictating trends too. While stories of giant monsters are thousands of years old, the first real monster movie hit was The Lost World, produced by First National Pictures in 1925. While the film “only” starred dinosaurs, it was the precursor to one of the most revered movie icons of all time.

Today’s article will focus on some of the American monsters that have most influenced the genre over the decades. Even if you’re not much of a monster movie fan you’ll certainly recognize some of the critters on this list.

It’s Good to Be the King

No, rexy, Kong doesn’t want to make out with you.

Godzilla may be King of the Monsters in Japan, but America’s monster monarch has ruled for much longer. While dinosaurs terrorized people on screen for years, King Kong marked the shift to more fantastic beasts. With his city-smashing ways, Kong punched the door open for the giant monster movie as we know it today. 1933 saw the birth of a genre.

So what color or colors does King Kong fall under? To start, he’s just a giant gorilla. Flavorfully in Magic, those tend to be Green creatures. Does Kong act Green? You bet! In the original film, he spends most of his time engaging in animalistic combat with his archosaur neighbors. The final clash on top of the Empire State Building even pits nature against the pinnacle of technology: the fighter plane.

The original film offers no insight into Kong’s motivations, showing him as merely an animal run amok. But both the 1976 and 2005 remakes show him having a sympathetic emotional connection to Dwan and Ann, respectively. This skews the character little bit into Red territory, as we know Kong protects his girl out of a sense of affection for her.

Coincidently, Kong’s other main appearance also falls into the Red/Green category. While Kong plays mainly the same role in King Kong vs. Godzilla, he is given an expressly Red power. In order to be evenly matched against Godzilla’s atomic breath, Kong can absorb and channel electricity into his fists. This thundering touch helps Kong eventually overpower his reptilian adversary.

Legendary Pictures’s Kong: Skull Island is set to hit theaters next year. We know the film is set in the same diegesis as the latest Godzilla film, and Legendary has already scheduled the clash between the two icons. My assumption is that they will stay true to Kong’s Green nature, but we’ll have to wait and see how they update the legend for today.

20,000 Fathoms Under the Sea

If it ain’t broke, break it.

While King Kong may have kicked off the giant monster movie genre, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms ushered it into modernity. Last week I mentioned that there are a number of monster archetypes that are threaded throughout the genre, and this film establishes the most common trope: the monster awakened by atomic weapons.

This film concerns the Rhedosaurus, a fictional dinosaur species woken by atomic tests in the Arctic Circle. The dino marches back to its ancient breeding ground…which just so happens to be New York City. Specifically, the Rhedosaurus assaults the Coney Island amusement park. No fun allowed, I guess!

The ancient menace is just a rampaging animal, making it a squarely Green threat. This is a recurring theme in American monster movies throughout the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Atomic bomb awakens or mutates a giant monster, monster attacks city, military scientists find a way to kill the monster.

Another fun little tidbit is that this is the film that really catapulted Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion animation effects. Harryhausen was inspired by the work in King Kong and would go on to become one of the most influential special effects artists in cinematic history.

Final Release

Would not smooch.

Writing about one of Harryhausen’s first creations means I should probably spend some time on one of his last. Clash of the Titans, released in 1981, was one of the last great stop motion animation films. Harryhausen’s career was defined by his Greek mythology films, and this one set out to outdo them all. It tells the story of Perseus, who slew Medusa and used her head to petrify many other monsters. The most notable story was when he defeated a sea monster, which the movie rebranded as the Norse kraken because evocative names sell better.

This isn’t a very difficult monster to assess, as the kraken in the film is just like Krakens in Magic. Huge sea monsters are a mainstay of Blue, and this kraken is no different. Most of the destruction it causes isn’t even caused by its immense bulk. Instead, the kraken’s movements cause tidal waves capable of wiping cities off the map. As Blue as can be.

Modern Mystery

Literally the clearest shot of the monster in the entire film.

Monster movies are making a bit of a comeback, and the film that rode King Kong (2005)’s heels was Cloverfield, a monster movie with almost no monster in it. The entire movie is shot found-footage style and follows the misadventures of a bunch of annoying young adults as a giant monster attacks New York City. The military fails to do much damage to it as the parasites that drop from its body start hunting people too. The film ends with the death of the final cast members, and the monster’s fate is unknown.

Clover, as the monster is affectionately nicknamed by crew and fans, is some sort of sea monster. The film never goes into detail why it’s attacking New York, but part of the viral marketing for the film implies it has something to do with an oil rig disturbing it. J. J. Abrams is a generally terrible storyteller, so it’s no wonder that there’s basically no information to talk about here. This is probably a case of a Green monster rampaging after being awakened by technology.

Get in the Robot

Russian tech always looks awesome.

Pacific Rim is going to be a historic movie. It bombed in the domestic market, but foreign box office totals were high enough to greenlight a sequel. The film didn’t perform great, and this will be the first time a movie deemed a failure will get a sequel like this. I hated the film, but its fans were vocal enough to factor into Legendary Pictures’s decision.

Alien monsters are attacking Earth through a portal in the bottom of the Pacific Ocean! I don’t know why they didn’t make it closer to land, but whatever. Humanity defends itself with titanic robots called jaegers, German for “hunter.” If you haven’t seen the film before, it’s basically a giant homage to mecha anime.

As defenders of humanity, jaegers are easily founded in White. They are guardians, soldiers, and great unifiers; the nations of the world have put their differences aside to fund the jaeger program for the good of all people.

The jaegers are controlled in a unique way, however. Each one links the minds of two pilots in order to control the machine with their thoughts. This kind of psychic control scheme is Blue. Not only is the mental aspect reflective of the color of mental power, but the robots themselves are basically titanic prosthetics. Blue is the color that most readily embraces technology as a way to maximize the body’s potential. One simply needs to pilot a jaeger to be able to fight the evil monsters at our doorstep!

But what about those monsters?

Through the Breach

Who actually thought the wall would work?

The kaiju are genetically altered monsters created by an alien threat from another dimension. Or something like that? The movie isn’t very clear where exactly the bad guys are from. But they’re sending the kaiju over to Earth to wipe us out before they take our planet. Jerks.

Kaiju are essentially all clones, grown and manipulated by the alien scientists. Each one has specialized weapons for fighting the jaegers, from acid spit to electromagnetic pulses. I don’t know why they all just don’t have the EMP capabilities, as that’s the obvious weapon to fight robots. And I have no clue why Gipsy Danger somehow wasn’t affected by it. The thing still runs on electricity.

But anyway.

Magic has a close analogue to this process of monster manufacturing: the Simic Combine. The Simic are all about genetic manipulation to make creatures cooler and more useful. Since the aliens in the movie are making the kaiju with the same ideology and process, it’s safe to label the kaiju as Green/Blue beings. The aliens themselves probably have a bit of Black in them, what with the whole global domination thing, but we can consider the kaiju as separate entities for the purposes of this article.

Monster Mayhem

America’s role in the giant monster movie history is foundational to the genre. The early days incorporated regular dinosaurs (Green villains at their core), but King Kong started pushing such films in more fantastic directions. America also kicked off the age of atomic monsters, establishing one of the most common archetypes in the genre. Monster movies are making a comeback today, spearheaded by a handful of moderately successful American films as well. Green-aligned monsters fighting technology has been the core of the country’s relationship with monsters, and I’m sure that theme will be played with for decades to come.

Until next time, planeswalkers, just let them fight.

Where The Lost Go (10/10)

Summary: A king has died, and there’s a crown for the taking.

To avoid war over who will lay claim to the most dangerous kingdom in the land, the remaining kings come to an agreement. A tournament. Three challenges. The winner gets the crown - and its powerful gift.

Part 1  Part 9  AO3

The moment Gavin put the Wild crown on his head, three things happened at once.

A pulse of green light shot out of the crown, an expanding circle of energy that rustled their hair, the grass, the leaves of the trees around the clearing.

At the same time, the other four kings all jolted like they’d been slapped. Ray even stumbled at the feeling that suddenly overcame him. He’d felt the same thing six months ago with Michael, though not as intensely. Since the Wild king died, there had been a nagging emptiness at the back of his mind. An incompleteness, like some piece of his consciousness was missing. Now it suddenly filled – a swelling warmth in his chest was the physical effect, but it was more than that. It was a relief, like finally remembering something that you’d forgotten and had been straining to recall. For the first time in weeks, he felt whole.

And in the middle of all this, Gavin collapsed to the ground, screaming.

Keep reading