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Hi! I'm kind of new to Pokemon games and I was trying out the 'Wonder Trade' feature, and I got a really cool looking dragon! It's name is Rayquazza and it is a kind of dark green colour! I love him!!! I just kind of saw all the Pokemon talk and thought I would share!

OMG, you got a rayquaza?? that’s a legendary pokemon!! take good care of it!!! give it pets and feed it treats

Overwatch Pokemon Teams

Defensive Heroes

Bastion: Klink, Golurk, Lickitung, Ditto, Torchic, Claydol

Hanzo Shimada: Articuno, Espeon, Shiftry, Luxray, Rayquazza, Sigilyph

Junkrat: Cyndaquill, Heatmor, Simisear, Scrafty, Zoroark, Mandibuzz

Mei: Dewgong, Glaceon, Dewott, Vanilluxe, Cubchoo, Pancham

Torbjorn: Fennekin, Pyroar, Charmeleon, Arcanine, Rapidash, Torkoal

Widow: Lopunny, Glameow,Skuntank, Liepard, Gothorita, Noivern

Offensive Heroes

Tank Heroes

Support Heroes