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“In terms of costume, the permanent people in Phryne’s life change their style and wardrobe very little throughout the series because Phryne changes so much.  This is quite deliberate and it gives stability to Phryne’s world”

Detective Inspector Jack Robinson

“Unlike Phryne, Jack rarely changes his clothes.  He’s invariably seen in his official police role and almost always wearing his three-piece suit, which along with his hat, have become iconic for this character.

His dark-hued suits were individually tailored and the fit is impeccable.  He is perfectly groomed like the military officer he once was -  it’s his duty to wear his suit correctly, rather than his vanity.  The overall effect is dashing but unselfconscious”

Trench: Wool gabardine  Suit: Pure wool   Shirt: Silk rayon   Tie: Original 20s rayon 

“Jack’s suits are very pragmatic and proper for a Detective Inspector.  This traditional late 1920′s suit was made specifically for Jack, however the trench coat took a long time to source.

Inside Jack’s trench, the faded red silk lining hints at an underside to Jack that we never quite see. It’s this detail that suggests a little bit of a twist to him.”

Source: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition Catalogue (S1 and S2)


“Yes. 100% yes [my costume helps me get into character]. I think once you’re in and you’ve got the hair and make-up done and your outfit on, that’s pretty much stepping into that world…. I only get three suits that are made up for me, so they’re beautifully fitted” - Nathan Page

Quote source: MFMM Costume Exhibition Catalogue S3

Jack may only have three suits but they do change colour !


Painter BD Shirt - Navy Rayon Chambray

Painter BD Shirt - Navy / White Tartan Check

Painter BD Shirt - Red / Black Tartan Check

Strap Pant - Honey 7oz Twill

Strap Pant - Green 7oz Twill

Strap Pant - Dk. Navy 7oz Twill

Krazy Shirt - Turquoise Super Fine Poplin

Krazy Shirt - Ivory Cotton Silk Sheeting

Krazy Parka - Yellow PC Poplin

Krazy Parka - Brown PC Poplin