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There are certain things that can make a woman feel radiant, and one is a nightgown like this one.  It’s a rayon gown by Juliana Lingerie Co., probably from the 1940s.  It’s still in terrific condition, and feels totally heavenly to wear.   Rayon pre-dated nylon as a lingerie fabric, and in many ways was just as nice, or even better.  I like the way rayon feels on a warm night, and it’s a heavier fabric that rustles nicely.  Rayon gowns do need more ironing though, but they’re worth it.  If you’re into vintage lingerie (literally or figuratively speaking…), do check one of these out.  You can generally find them on Ebay.

vaniileiinkeks  asked:

Oh my god, I really love these jareds daughter x rayon headcannons 😍😍 could you maybe do more of them? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top? 😍😍😋

From across the room the daughter will run her finers under her eye to signal to Rayon she has a loose lash on her.

The daughter will hold the script and flip the pages while the nails dry.

Jared takes it as an experience to get closer and sympathize with his daughter and mother on how women are treated.

Rayon only feels comfortable enough to cry in front of her daughter and breaks down in the trailer on rough days.

The daughter puts on the heels which are way to big on her and tries to walk, until Rayon shows her how it’s done.

She keeps her favorite clothes that Rayon wore during filming to always have a piece of her.

I’ve never watched a movie being made before it’s released like the way I’m watching Dallas Buyers Club. Like, I’ve never creepily stalked a film while in production. I’m very excited to see it when it gets released and remember all the feels of watching Jared prance around as Rayon. I’ll get excited when I see certain outfits, certain wigs, certain nail polish colours. I’ll remember that scene when he’s wearing those red/purple tights was shot right after VyRT and I’ll know that he was still a little PVD like we all were. It’s really exciting and kind of emotional too for some reason.