“I think other actors may have played Rayon as a drag queen, and someone who enjoyed putting on women’s clothing. But, I thought it was an opportunity to put a different kind of character on screen. You follow your gut and your heart, and you do the best that you can to make people proud and to represent people with as much dignity as possible. That’s what I did, for the Rayons of the world. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy, but you try your best.”

1) Jared is sometimes so brutally passive-aggressive with his flirtation game that it’s amazing he ever gets it done. But when he does…oooh he gets it done good.

2) “Happy Birthday” is always appropriate, whenever, wherever.

3) Noella is for sure my homegirl. She feels funny, she wants to dance (possibly with you), she randomly sings half her sentences, she is totes good with possibly having phonesex with random dudes in the midst of an interview surrounded by other dudes, she does not put up with pottymouths, she likes to draw out certain consonants for superfluous effect. Holy shit. I may be Noella, you guys. Like, running through this checklist, I’m pretty sure Jared Leto willed me into existence.

4) All those interviews on how difficult it was to find Rayon’s voice… Girl, bye.