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jaktober #19: ‘parents’ + #6 ‘death’

I was thinking of what to do for the ‘parents’ prompt because I already draw dadmas all the time and I remembered this little scene between Dax and Seem at the Spargan life/death festival; this particular part of the celebration is dedicated to remembering and honouring the fallen, and Dax remembers his mother (she died when he was a little kid, before he moved to Sandover). I’d never drawn either of his parents before so I doodled up a little design for her, harvesting some fruit while lil Dax ‘‘‘helps’’’.

keeping with the ‘loss’ theme, I also did an AU version of Praxis’s death with Ashelin present; even though Ashe was working with the resistance and understood that her father had done some terrible things, she still loved him as her only family and his death hit her pretty hard.

and then I was thinking about how Rayn might have learned of Krew’s death; considering how chaotic things were in Haven towards the end of renegade and all through 3, I imagine there was a significant delay before she finally got the news (probably over a year during which she had no idea what might have happened).

Art by Rayne Holder 

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Spectrum was a 2 year project that was show in Zone a BFA Show, Avenue of the Arts 2014 and Artprize 2014. It was about visualizing the gender spectrum, and celebrating the beauty and diversity of the Queer Community. Each of these portraits was printed 30″ tall, hand cut, and accompanied by a hand cut and lettered speech bubble, containing a sentence told to the person in response to their gender identity. This project could not have been possible without everyone who volunteered, and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you. I’m sorry to those I did not get time to draw, it was a long and stressfull project that I took on before I really knew how to manage myself as an artist. Again, thank you to each and every one of you. Your stories, your photos, they meant the world to me, and you are all so special. Please do not remove this caption, or any of these pictures, thank you. - Rayne Klar