I love their… completely platonic relationship…



And the party’s only started >83c

God I hope Gaster looks ok I REALLY struggled with his design




And now a bit of an update on my life and where this comic is going.

Now, I work a lot of hours and the work I do is very sporadic and crazy at times.  And the next few weeks are going to be hellish crazy.

So there will be a one (maybe two?!) week break between now and the next update when Chapter 2 rolls out!  This will mainly be for me to take a bit of a breather from drawing and deal with all the craziness at work, and besides, I need to give myself a bit of a buffer.  Right now all the pages you have seen have been churned out the week prior and that’s been pushing it a bit.  SO!  I am hoping hoping HOPING one week will give me enough time but it may be two, BUT NO MORE THAN THAT, I PROMISE!  I will keep you all updated!


160212 — official_hwan_ instagram update with taemin

(thinking to myself) you know. i really like the character designs in happy tree friends but i’m not all about the intense gore in the cartoons. what if i just drew the characters in normal domestic situations where nothing bad happens. what if i drew them gay. i can make that happen. i can do whatever i want. no one can stop me.

A 35 year old art teacher got killed this morning in Boston when she was driving and a manhole cover flew up and hit her windshield.. What? That’s not even fair at all. My empathy for all her family, friends, and students is keeping me awake tonight. Insane terrible shit happens every day because life sucks and is overwhelmingly unfair.

But life is also wonderful. I guess what I’m saying is don’t die having been someone who held back on his or her own happiness.

Quit your job and look for an employer who respects you. Cut ties with the friend who always brings you down and find ones who lift you up. Grab the weights that are 5lbs heavier even if it’s for 3 reps because you’re ready for a challenge. Move out of the city and into the mountains if you’re tired of the bustle. Apply to grad school, and don’t stop until you get in. Throw away reminders of things that make you sad. Ask out that girl you have been dreaming about. Reconnect with someone who was nice to you in the past. Sign up for that yoga class you’ve had pinned to your fridge for 3 months because you need some stress relief. Eat a cupcake and don’t feel guilty about it. Push through your comfort zone and do something you’d consider crazy. Bring more positivity into your life and don’t pass up opportunities.

There’s so much out there that can make you happy. Nothing is easier said than done when you literally have one life and you don’t know how much time you have left. Do yourself (and me) a favor and make your life count. Find strength in your fears and live.


160212 — official_hwan_ instagram update with taemin