I’ve seen Deacon go through all of it and he always comes up stronger than he was before. He’s just incredible that way. He never gives up. And now, to be able to feel that strength in my life everyday, and to see him be in that way with our children, and to know that he’s the best father that they could ever ask for…and the best part about it is that I know he’s never gonna give up on me or on my girls…or on our record, or any other damn thing I drag him into. He’s gonna be there. I’m pretty lucky.

– (Rayna Jaymes, 5x11)


You’re Mine” - Rayna Jaymes, Scarlett O'Connor, Gunnar Scott, Juliette Barnes, Avery Barkley, Will Lexington, Maddie Conrad & Daphne Conrad

5x11 “Fire and Rain”

I promise you right here right now won’t ever let you go this I vow
 And through the good times and the bad times you’re mine