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Puppy Finds 16th Century Spanish Gold in Couch Cushions

Put down your petty pocket change. A beagle pup from Somerville, MA just pulled up 15 gold doubloons from the cushions of a leather sofa, and leading numismatists estimate the coins could be worth up to $4,500.

“The gold dates back to the late 1580s,” says Dr. Phillip Coning, curator of the rare coin exhibit at the Commonwealth Museum in Boston. “This was at the height of the Spanish armada’s dominance in Europe and foray into the New World. They were likely carried on warships en route to South America.”

How they ended up in a Raymour & Flanigan couch is still a mystery, but Buster the puppy is excited nonetheless.

“He’s still not sure if he’ll hang onto them or head to eBay,” says Todd Childress, a friend. “But calls and emails from collectors have been non-stop.”

Via stacykunzel.