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Ultimately transsexual surgery reinforces social conformity by encouraging the individual to become an agreeable participant in a role-defined society, substituting one sex role stereotype for the other. The medical solution becomes a. “social tranquilizer” reinforcing sexism and its foundation of sex-role conformity.
—  The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male (Janice Raymond)

I came back to the barn where the trans cult meets.

They didn’t do any rituals tonight, but they still had their pink, blue and white cloaks, and it was just as terrifying if not more. They were giving tips on how to deal with dysphoria and pass, and none of them involved accepting themselves the way that they were born! Trans “””men””” gave each other binder tips along with packing and trans “””women””” gave ways to tuck (I bet you that’s a code word for fuck. All of those trans cultists are perverted)! I remember wearing a binder for a week straight and never taking it off, and while those trans “””men””” insisted to take it off after 8 hours for the day, those things are extremely dangerous and should never be worn! Along with packing… these poor womyn worship dick so much that they’re shoving fake ones down their pants! Tucking I know nothing about but I bet it’s dangerous. While I don’t care about doing anything for the safety of trans “””women””” this matters. Then the worst of it happened… a trans woman made an inappropriate joke. Of course a trans “””man””” was making sexual jokes long before the trans “””woman””” was, but I love double standards. I cannot recite the joke, for anything a trans “””woman””” says is now poisonous. I know, Janice Raymond wrote it.

But even though they shared these ways that get past my transdar, I now know to assume that everyone who makes a dirty joke is a transcultist. And now, you know too. Good luck on detecting the transcultists my fellow cisters!


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Digging Up Secrets

Description: Jake takes on a case that hits a little to hard to home and might expose something Jake has never told the rest of the team.

Word count: 831

Rating: T

Warnings: Hate crimes are a thing in this.

Chapter 1: There’s Been a Murder 

When Captain Holt came up to Jake with a new case he couldn’t have been happier. The entire month had been slow and the only other case he had worked was an open and close B&E at the beginning of the week. Other than that he had been doing back to back paperwork, so when Holt came to him with a murder case he happily grabbed Santiago and went to the crime scene no questions asked. In hindsight he wishes he had asked a few questions because standing over the body Jake felt like he was going to be sick. He would rather be doing months of his paperwork, and Amy’s paperwork, and hell he would do Rosa’s paperwork if it got him out of this. It wasn’t the blood on the ground that made him sick or even how beaten in this 18 year old boy’s face was, unfortunately he had seen stuff like this before. No what was making him sick was the case file in his hand:

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It is not hard to understand why transsexuals want to become lesbian-feminists. They indeed have discovered where strong female energy exists and want to capture it. It is more difficult to understand why so many feminists are so ready to accept men–in this case, castrated men–into their most intimate circles. Certainly Dionysian confusion about the erasure of all boundaries is one reason that appeals to the liberal mind and masquerades as “sympathy for all oppressed groups.” Women who believe this, however, fail to see that such liberalism is repressive, and that it can only favor and fortify the possession of women by men. These women also fail to recognize that accepting transsexuals into the feminist community is only another rather unique variation on the age-old theme of women nurturing men, providing them with a safe haven, and finally giving them our best energies.

The question arises: are women who accept transsexuals as lesbian-feminists expressing gratitude on some level to those men who are finally willing to join women and pay for their male privilege with their balls? Gratitude is a quality exhibited by all oppressed groups when they think that some in the class of oppressors have finally relinquished their benefits to join them. But, of course, it is doubtful that transsexuals actually give up their male privilege. As one woman put it: “A man who decides to call himself a woman is not giving up his privilege. He is simply using it in a more insidious way.” Furthermore, a man who decides to call himself a lesbian-feminist is getting a lot. The transsexually constructed lesbian-feminist is the man who indeed gets to be “the man” in an exclusive women’s club to which he would have otherwise no access.

—  Janice G. Raymond. The Transsexual Empire, Chapter IV: Sappho by Surgery: The Transsexually Constructed Lesbian-Feminist. Teachers College Press, 1994. 99-119.

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I did write that the transsexual does not really change sex at all. But this does not mean that gender is immutable; it means that men cannot become women via hormones and surgery. My view is that, using Woodhouse’s own words, the male-to-female transsexual is a “fantastic woman,” the incarnation of a male fantasy of feeling like a woman trapped in a man’s body, the fantasy rendered flesh by a further male medical fantasy of surgically fashioning a male body into a female one. These fantasies are based in the male imagination, not in any female reality. It is this female reality that the surgically-constructed woman does not possess, not because women innately carry some essence of femininity but because these men have not had to live in a female body with all the history that entails. It is that history that is basic to female reality, and yes, history is based to a certain extent on female biology.
—  Janice G. Raymond. The Transsexual Empire, Introduction to the 1994 Edition. Teachers College Press, 1994. xi-xxxv.