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David Burke was a man who felt persecuted. He had been fired from his job with Pacific Southwest Airlines for what he thought of as nothing.

Unfortunately for him the airline considered the theft of thousands of dollars from alcohol sales as more than nothing. He was also being investigated because of the belief that he was using his position with the airline to help Cocaine smugglers get into the country more easily.

And now David Burke was gunning for revenge. And he blamed one man for his problems, Raymond Thompson.

On December 7, 1987, Burke decided it was time to be revenged. He booked himself onto a flight that he knew Raymond Thompson would be on. He did little packing for the trip though, all he had was his .44 Magnum handgun.

As the plane was midway through the trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, it mysteriously went down, crashing in the San Luis Obispo. When investigators saw the name of Burke on the flight they immediately became suspicious, as Burke was known to be very pissed off at the airline.

During the search of the wreckage they found a .44 Magnum and six spent shells.

These were found in what remained of the cockpit. It seemed that Burke had killed the pilots, along with the flight supervisor Thompson. Near to this wreckage was found a part of a note to Thompson. It read, “Hi Ray, I think it’s rather ironical that we ended up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family, remember? Well I got none, and you will get none.” When the black box flight recorder was discovered there was quite clearly the sounds of gunshots in the background.

It would seem that Burke was very successful in his revenge. After his death a suicide note was found in which Burke said that he was hoping to kill Thompson.

He shot the pilots mid-flight and caused the plane to crash, killing all forty-three people onboard including himself.



[On modern Arthurian literature]:  ”…In the accounts by Bradley, Chant, and Katz, Morgan helps Arthur win Excalibur and its protective sheath, and to dispose properly of the sword after the Battle of Camlann. Only Bradley has her plot to steal them back earlier, although Katz makes her keeper of the stone ring in which the stone is set. By taking over the role traditionally assigned to the Lady of the Lake, Morgan gains stature as Arthur’s benefactor, without whom many of his achievements might have proved impossible. This feature we may call the Excalibur motif…” - Raymond H. Thompson

“And right as Arthur was on horseback there came adamosel from Morgan le Fay, and brought unto Sir Arthur a sword like unto Excabulir,and the scabbard, and said unto Arthur, ‘Morgan le Fay sendeth here your sword for great love’”. – Le Morte D’Arthur

“My brother Arthur is in Camelot just now,” Isad, “And he has a very good sword with him, called Excalibur” – Tintagel

She knew that if she reached out to takeExcalibur from his hand, he would sense her intent, would wake-and he would kill her; she had no illusions about that. He was a good Christian, or so he thought himself, but he had  been set on the throne to kill his enemies, and in some mystical way Morgaine only half understood, the sword Excalibur had grown entangled with the very soul and spirit of Arthur’s kingship” - The Mists of Avalon 

 ”‘Well’ said she, ‘ I charge you that none of you awake him till I do,’ and then she alit off her horse and thought for to steal away Excalibur his sword.” – Le Morte D’Arthur

"I saw how Accolon could kill Arthur. I would have to replace Arthur’s invincible sword, Excalibur, with an imitation of it.” - I, Morgain

“So after, for great trust, Arthur betook the scabbard to Morgan le Fay his sister and she loved another knight better than her husband King Uriens or King Arthur, and she would have Arthur her brother slain, and therefore she let make another scabbard like it by enchantment, and gave the scabbard Excalibur to her love; and the knight’s name was called Accolon, that after had near slain King Arthur.” – Le Morte D’Arthur

I have then a message for you,” he said. “Your brother Arthur lies wounded in Glastonbury, nursed by the sisters there, but he will recover. He sends you this”-he waved his hand at the shrouded figure on the pack horse-“as a present, and he bid me say to you that he has his sword Excalibur, and the scabbard.” And as he spoke he twitched away the pall covering the body, and Morgaine (…) saw Accolon’s sightless eyes staring at the sky.” - The Mists of Avalon

During a break from their busy schedules, two familiar Tribal friends caught up at Ray’s vineyard restaurant.  Ray (creator and Executive Producer of The Tribe and head of Cloud 9) along with the main Techno man himself, Tom Hern (our beloved RAM) hung out together and to also discuss some business… Watch this space… KTDA