And she died. | And now you’re dead.

“It’s nice to fall in love on film. I mean it, because as an actor, you’re always seeking out roles that will take you to extremes. If you’re going to play make-believe, why not play make-believe in extreme situations? The more extreme it is, the more it pulls you out of your pedestrian life. I always think it’s more fun to do something fantastic than something highly realistic. I’m a very romantic person and I think we’ve been taught to believe that love is something ordinary - that everyone can find it, but I think real love is the rarest thing in the world. I have fallen in love, and I’m lucky for it. I think in life, people have this confusion about love. We all want to fall in love so badly that we are almost willing to lie to ourselves, to force ourselves into believing that we are in love when we aren’t. It’s too bad, because in so doing, we cheapen it. I don’t think we recognize the depth of the emotion at all. It’s entirely transformative, and we think of it as a blurb on a Hallmark card. When you’re in love, you can’t control it. It’s when you can’t take charge of what you feel, when you are completely powerless in the face of the emotion. When it happens, it happens in spite of you.”

- James Spader, excerpt from a 2002 interview