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TBL: Retconned Kaplan

There is a subject of contention among The Blacklist fanbase – Kaplan’s ‘turning’ against Red b/c of her affection for Liz (because she was once her nanny). I would like to argue that the whole thing is definitely a retcon.

A very long meta below the jump.

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It’s up! I’ve been waiting on some scenes I had a vague idea might be coming and the finale provided in spades! 


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You know what I really hate?

Instead of having made a significant connection between Red and Liz (that wasn’t implied as paternal) they went ahead and turned Mr. Kaplan, the most badass of all the female characters into a crazy old lady who’s holding Agnes in the new promo. Now there’s no doubt that Red will kill her, and if not Red, Liz or Dembe.

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I don't remember Mr. Kaplan ever showing much concern for Elizabeth throughout the previous seasons until the church shootout and Liz blaming everything on Raymond while Kaplan drove she and Facob to the birthing warehouse. This is why I find the whole "I was your nanny" thing hard to accept. I was wondering if you could give us your thoughts on this. Love your positivity !!!

Totally agree. Kaplan didn’t seem very concerned with Liz at all in S1 and S2, just telling Liz that her employer told her she had a directive to protect her. And then in 03x18 things changed. Now I think JB admitted that they came up with the Kaplan story in Season 3, probably because she was a very popular character and they wanted to do more with her. So they created this backstory that was not in the original concept. I get that.

Back to Kaplan though, I guess one could argue that she is a very reserved personality and hides her emotions very well. And it wasn’t until she realized all the danger Liz was in combined with her having a baby that she changed. She showed emotion when Agnes was born. Part of me thinks it had to do not only with her caring about Liz, but knowing she had to betray Red and how much it would hurt him. She did say she loved him in a later episode, and I think she did.

This is another reason why the Requiem episode was so odd and totally inconsistent.  Per that episode it seems Kaplan hated Red and only worked for him to protect Liz, and yet everything we saw up until she was shot showed she truly cared about Red. I figured her head injuries caused her memories to go on the fritz. I hope this will be addressed at the end of this season.

I loved Kaplan and was sorry they went this direction, although she does make a very formidable enemy to Red. But I will always remember this:

An Open letter to the Blacklist writers

Dear Blacklist writers: Maybe Red altered Mr. Kaplan’s memories as well as Elizabeth’s cause the dumpster fire of an episode i saw last night made no sense at all and went against some things that have been said on the show before. Maybe Red altered all of our memories of what happened on the show last night. Why not? This show can’t screw things up worse than they already have. I’m pretty much done. I don’t care if he’s the father or not! I don’t even care to know the “truths” anymore cause you are just going to retcon it in further seasons…if you even make it to more seasons. So Blacklist writers go fuck yourselves and take this show with you! This is NOT the show I fell in love with. These are NOT the characters that I have cried for. This is NOT the story that should be told! I used to be so excited for Thursdays. Last night it didn’t even affect me that the show was back. Thanks for that. Honestly, where you’ve taken this show and these wonderful characters you should have just shelved the entire show from the beginning. As much as I love James Spader not even he could save the fuck up you’ve caused! Yes, I’m angry. I’m angry because I’ve spent so much invested time into this show and these characters only to see half-assed writing and destroying of amazing character stories and moral codes. This isn’t entertainment. It’s a waste of our time as fans. When you want to get back to the magic that was season 1 and 2 then maybe you’ll start to see your ratings go up. But that would take you actually remembering your own Damn story long enough not to contradict yourself. Hell, I wouldn’t mind having a whole season that included just the Cabal…or do they not fit the story anymore. Finch warned Red of something that would happen in 2017. Guess that’s forgotten too. I know your own Damn story better than you do! I could write a fan fiction story better than the crap I’ve seen from this show lately. And one more thing…let me remind you that youve turned Kate from not once, not twice but several times reassuring Red he wouldn’t lose Liz…then just ALL of a sudden she wants to take Liz away from Red for good?? Damn, just make up your minds. I guess that’s what this whole rant is about…just make up your Damn small minds up!! Now, you can go back to writing for Redemption. That show speaks to the level of your imagination and writing.

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If they're down with the whole 'playing with incest' thing

(which I’ll interpret to mean ’suggesting-it-as-a-lol-red-herring’)

Then I’d like to propose the following:

AgnesGate still lives.

–If Red cannot tell Liz that her biodad is the Real Raymond Reddington because it would be too dangerous, then it would be equally dangerous for Agnes to have fake Reddington as a father, because the world is convinced that Our Red is the real deal.

–Liz wasn’t the only one whose memory was wiped.

–Yep, Red’s was too.

–By Kate, of course. SHE took them to Krilov, but did she act alone?

–Red very well could have asked Kate to take BOTH OF THEM. That would account for Red’s apparent amnesia about the sexytime on the run, and his assumption that Tom is Agnes’ father. And if he did in fact ask Kate to do that, it accounts for his confusion on the matter, why he apparently doesn’t know that Krilov worked on Liz two years ago.

–Which in turn could very well be what Kaplan REALLY meant when she said that she was only doing what Red asked of her. In that case, sending Liz and Agnes to Cuba could conceivably serve to protect them, and Red would be unable to see it that way, but she couldn’t just TELL Red any of that without fucking up pretty much all hope of protecting Agnes.

–Remember Kate saying that it was too late, and that she’d already failed at protecting Liz from Red, so her new goal was to protect Agnes instead? Remember her apologizing to Kat as she dug up the suitcase? It’s because those bones belong to the Real Raymond Reddington. At this point, she can now reveal this about Red without putting Agnes at risk because Liz, Tom, and Red are already convinced of Agnes’ paternity, but it does mean admitting that she failed to keep her promise to Katarina.

–And so, Kate hasn’t gone TOTALLY nuts. Both Kat and Red put her in a really fucked up position, whether he remembers it or not.

… and I guess, for now, that’s all I have to say about that. I imagine that more will come to me in time.

Edit: I don’t want to make it sound like I don’t share in the frustration of my shipmates, ‘cause I do. And even if the above sounds like a stretch, I’d strongly contend that there’s still a very letigimate case to be made for lizzington… someday, anyway. And I gotta admit, I’m a little, itty-bitty bit bummed by how few notes this post is getting. I was hoping that my shipmates would love it. Do you not? If not, then why not?

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I think we're quite safe about DG ending with Red not being her father. What keeps me are discussions Red had: one with Sam and other with Dembe. To Sam, he said he would do his best to love Liz (if he were her father, he would already love her cause she's his kid so this makes zero sense) and to Dembe, when he risked his life to save her and Dembe was against it, he said: "it's Elizabeth." He wouldn't have to defend himself if she were his daughter. Dembe's a father, he would understand it.

Oh yes. And lots of other clues that support Red not being Liz’s father. Those have been posted on a lot of different threads. But since you mentioned Dembe, let’s look at the other person closest to Red - Kaplan:

In E04x02 Kaplan talking to Red:

“You entrusted me with everything you value– YOUR freedom, YOUR life, A child.”

Notice the very obvious pronoun change. The natural sentence would have been your freedom, your life, your child

In E04x08 Kaplan talking to Hunter about Red: 

“He placed a lovely young woman and her baby girl in terrible danger… not deliberately, mind you. He loves them deeply. Enough to blind him to the reality that his very presence in their lives constitutes a threat. Not just to them, but to himself as well.“

As we found out later, Kaplan developed a strong friendship with Hunter. If Liz was Red’s daughter she would have said so and not have used the very vague “lovely young woman” to describe Liz. Since Kaplan also told Hunter Red loved them deeply, mentioning a familial connection here (if there was one), would have been appropriate.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the paternity question being answered next week so we can move on.

Thanks #anon

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Episode 4.17 shows us an affair between Red and Katarina (Kate's memory). However episode 3.19 (Cape May) shows a completely different relationship between them. (Red's memory). It was not a romantic one! What could explain that?

Hey Anon!

Well my personal belief is that the man WE know as Red is in fact an imposter, who took over the REAL Raymond Reddinton’s identity after little Lizzie shot and killed him the night of the fire. I have an extremely long post “proving” that theory if you’re interested.

As to what Kate “saw” in last night’s episode, it’s like Red told Kirk earlier this season - “we see what we want to see,” which is not necessarily reality.

For example, in last night’s episode Kate talks to Katerina several times about her affair with “the American.” Katerina says the man is blonde, and has a wife and child.

Katerina then gives this man a name - Raymond.

So for a long time, all Kate has to go on is WORDS. No images.

She then “sees” Katerina being intimate with a blonde man in a car on the property. But here’s the kicker - KATE NEVER SEES HIS FACE, and more importantly, neither do WE.

Katerina tells Kate that the man she saw was Raymond. But Kate didn’t really SEE anything. She just saw probably a moving, blurry image of a blonde man inside a steamed up car.

Fast forward to after the fire and Kate has already handed little Lizzie off to Sam. Sam all of a sudden shows up and says a man wants to meet with Kate, and he tells her the man is Raymond Reddington.

Kate, without ANY PROOF, takes this at face value and simply believes what SAM tells her - that this man she has NEVER actually seen - happens to be Raymond.

That’s like me telling you all about my best friend named say, Jessica. I’ve talked about Jessica FOREVER, and then one day bring in a girl and just tell you it’s HER. You naturally don’t question it, because you know me, and why would you doubt me? So you take what I show you as reality, without question, and without PROOF. Little do you know, the girl I just introduced to you is actually some random girl I just met on the bus stop named Kathy.

IF my theory that Red took over the real Raymond Reddington’s identity proves true, Kate wouldn’t know it, as she herself never met Raymond until after the fire, when SAM brings him to her.

She simply has believed the Red she knows IS the real Red.

I DO believe Katerina had an affair with Raymond Reddington, and Lizzie was the product of that affair. That’s why Katerina talks about it.

But OUR Red doesn’t talk about it bc for HIM, it never happened, as he isn’t the real, original Raymond Reddington.

That would explain why there are two VERY different contradictory stories going on there. Does that make sense?

And below is my “imposter” theory post…


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